How to Preview Mac Apps in iOS 11 App Store on iPhone and iPad

How do you access Mac app preview on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11? That’s made to be very straightforward now; let me show you how it works!


Thanks to iOS 11, previewing Mac Apps on on iPhone and iPad has finally been made possible! Hence, you no longer need to head over to Mac App Store just to glance through some of the basic information of a Mac app as you can get it done right from your iOS device.

The Mac app preview page allows you to check out various important information like price, developer, category, age rating, supported languages, screenshot and overall rating on Mac App Store. Besides, you can also get the links to the customer support, privacy policy, other apps from the developer and official website.

How to Preview Mac Apps on iPhone and iPad

The preview page may also let you find out if the Mac app is compatible with features like Game Center, Family Sharing etc. Want to try out this pretty simple but useful feature to access Mac app preview on your iOS 11 device? Here you go!

How to Preview Mac Apps on your iPhone and iPad

Note: There are few things, you can’t access through the Mac app preview on your iOS device. For instance, you can’t rate the app, read reviews, write reviews of the app, install the app on your Mac, check out the features which arrived in the latest update and view the version history of the app.

Step #1. Open any web browser on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, you need to tap the URL bar and enter the search query. For instance, type in the app name and then Mac App Store. “Fanastical 2 Mac App Store.”

Step #3. Now, tap on the app link in the search results.

Search Mac on iPhone Safari Browser

Step #4. Next up, a popup will appear on the screen, asking if you want to open the link in the App Store. Tap on Open.

Open Mac App Store URL in iPhone App Store

Step #5. Now, check out related information like price and features of the app.

View Mac Apps on iPhone

Wrapping up

It may not be a big-ticket feature in iOS 11 but it’s very useful. Personally, whenever I come across any new app, I like to have some of the basic information about it. And if I find the app really worth, I love to give it a try. With the latest iOS version up and running, I can instantly take a peek at what it has to offer.

Earlier whenever you looked for any Mac app on your iPhone, you got a warning that you could download Mac app only via Mac App Store. That was really not done for most folks who just wanted to have a sneak-peak of their favorite apps. Thankfully, that’s history now. What’s your take on it? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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