How to Play YouTube Videos in Background in iOS 8.x

A quick tip on how you can play YouTube videos in background on iPhone or iPad.

Supposing you want to play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 8 or later and you have done the right thing by launching the YouTube app and picking up your favorite video to play. However, just when you tap home button or switch to any other app, the video stops playing in the background making you slightly irritated. How will you get it right?

This inconvenience was first found out in iOS 7 when Apple got rid of the default YouTube app. We covered it then with the perfect solution. However, we have decided to take it up again just in case you are the first iOS users or are unaware of the same. Come what may, you wish to play it. Here is how to do so with utmost ease.

How To Play YouTube Videos in The Background in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open Safari.

Launch Safari in iOS 8 on iPhone

Step #2. Go to to select the video you want to play.

Play Youtube Video in iOS 8 Background

Step #3. Press home button (the video will stop playing.)

Step #4. Swipe up from down to bring Control Center.

Step #5. Tap on Play button which is in the media sheet.

Play YouTube Videos In The Background On iPhone-iPad In iOS 8

That’s all!

The video will start playing with its title in the background. You can control the playback from the Control Center in accordance with your need to do so. The only con with it is that you can do so only in the Apple’s default search engine Safari as official YouTube app is not supported by the tech giant.

Apple has made its own rules and wants users to comply with them. They may seem to be a little inconvenient at times but they have their own importance. One thing can’t be ignored that all the restrictions( just like the one we have just encountered) have been made in the interest of users.

Video Tutorial on How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On iPhone/iPad In iOS 8

That’s it!

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