How to Play Super Mario Run on iPhone Like a Pro Gamer [Complete Guide]

Want to master "Super Mario Run" on your iPhone and iPad? Check out these excellent tips and tricks to champion this endless runner game.

Super Mario Run” is out to light up your Christmas time. The endless runner game has been smartly developed to bring a lot of excitement and fun. I’m pretty sure you all are having a blast at it, aren’t you?

To play this jumping-jack game, you need to know some special tricks. Making sure you are able to play it perfectly, we have listed a number of tips. They can work wonder in letting you perfect it. Would you like to try them out? Here you go!

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Tips to Play “Super Mario Run” on iPhone and iPad

How to Jump in Super Mario Run

You must master the jump if you wish to be a top notch player of this endless runner game. In order to have plenty of Challenge coins and power-ups, you have got to be at your very best when it comes to jumping.

  • Mini Jump: Mario is smart enough to jump small obstacles by itself.
  • Normal Jump: Simply tap on the screen to help your Mario jump to avoid minor hurdle.
  • Spin Jump: Simply tap, hold and tap again on the screen in order to let Mario spin and stall in the air.
  • High Jump: Just tap and hold on the screen.
  • Flip Jump: You need to tap when Mario is just about to fall on a platform edge in order to flip it down.
  • Wall Jump: Simply tap when Mario encounters a wall or gets on an edge. It’s an excellent jump to grab coins above or below you.

Super Mario Run Modes

Super Mario Run Modes

The World Tour: You have to travel from one level to the other defeat bosses. Eventually, you need to beat Bowser to rescue “Princess Peach”.

Toad Rally: Battle against other players to win over toads so that they can be the part of your kingdom.

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Kingdom Builder: Use toads to build a mighty kingdom where you rule the roost.

Pro Tips to Play Super Mario Run

  • Make sure to time your jump to smash off several blocks at once.
  • Tap a bubble to grab the second purple Challenge Coin on level 1-1.
  • A mid-air stall can be a killer punch. So, do give it a go ahead to have the decisive edge.
  • Try out the spin jump to get the flag. It’s a superb trick which you must use to your best advantage.
  • Find the Super Star to grab the Challenge Coin on level 1-1.
  • When you pop into a bubble, tap on the Bubble button at the top of the screen to rewind the level.
  • Don’t Lose Your Heart When You Die as it will give a fresh chance to rediscover your magic.
  • As soon as you see any arrow, make sure to follow its direction. It can take you to new heights and more coins.
  • If you want to defeat Bowser, must jump over his huge shell and land on an axe, which will fall and smash off the bridge he is standing on.
  • When you encounter Boom Boom, make the best use of your excellence in wall climbing to get major air before aiming your landing.
  • Once you have finished any level, do check out the meter showing up the number of enemies you have defeated on a particular level. As soon as you reach that number, you can upgrade their worth in order to have more coins when you crush them in the battle.

Grab Exclusive Rewards with Your My Nintendo Account

Have you played Miitomo? Then, you will be able to use the same account for Super Mario Run. Besides, you will also get some exciting rewards such as extra coins, Toad Rally tickets, decorations for your kingdom.

Just in case, you are signed into your My Nintendo account, the game lets you Toad right away. To do so, you need to tap the My Nintendo button located at the upper right corner of the Kingdom screen. Eventually, tap on Redeem under Toad’s picture.

Make the Utmost Use of Power-Ups

  • Arrow Blocks: They will point in the direction where you will be able to discover a lot of coins.
  • Stars: These power-ups make you a dominant player.
  • Bubbles: They work like your one of the biggest savior in the game. When your attempts go wrong, the bubbles help you redo the act.
  • Pause Blocks: By freezing the screen, they offer you the chance to prepare yourself.
  • Super Mushroom: These power-ups make you big to let you tackle with more ease.

Now, use these tips to play Super Mario Run elegantly. If you find your iPhone draining a lot of battery, follow these tips to prevent battery drain on your device.

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