How to Play MS-DOS Games on your Mac Right Now

Playing old MS-DOS games is very much possible on your Mac. It just needs a few files to do so. Here’s the guide that will help you, so give it a try.

In your lifetime, you would have undoubtedly played games on Windows Command prompt. Those games can be termed as a pioneer of today’s gaming industry, and we are seeing some of them with a drastic makeover today, with jaw-dropping graphics and gameplay.

In case you wish to move back in time and experience that MS-DOS gaming experience, then it is easily possible on your Mac.

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The process is not that technical, but you need to install one app, which works on an emulator.

How to Play old MS-DOS Games on Your Mac

Step #1. As said earlier that you’ll need to download an emulator, so get the Boxer emulator app on your Mac.

Step #2. After the download is completed, unzip the files and run it.

Step #3. Here comes the interesting part of adding your favorite old games. If you have any of them downloaded already, then Import it in the emulator. In case you don’t have any, Google the game and download it. Once it is downloaded, import the EXE file in the emulator.

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Import DOS Games to Mac

Voila! You’ll are back to the old gaming world of MS-DOS. I am not sure whether you’ll try this or not, but I certainly love it.

Did you try playing any of your favorite game? If yes, which is your favorite MS-DOS game? Share your feedback and opinions with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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