How to Play Chrome’s Hidden Endless Running Dinosaur Game on iPhone or iPad

Google Chrome has got a hidden dinosaur game to ensure you are able to enjoy your time on iPhone or iPad even when there is not Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Find out!

Whether I’m working on my computer or using iPhone or iPad, Chrome web browser always remains in the game. At times, when Wi-Fi suddenly stops working or starts playing hide and seek, I pass my time playing the endless runner game in Chrome on the computer. Unfortunately, this game hadn’t been available on the iOS version of the web browser up until now!

The latest version of Google Chrome now lets you play the runner game on your iPhone or iPad as well. It’s a pretty interesting game. And, I’m sure you would love to play around with it not just when there is no Wi-Fi or Cellular Data on your iOS device but also whenever your heart would want to go on for an endless marathon.

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How to Play Endless Running Dinosaur Game in Chrome on iPhone and iPad

I have played this game a lot on the computer and just begun to enjoy it on my iPhone as well. The concept of this game is quite simple. Just keep the dinosaur running as long as possible and help it avoid the obstacles. Let’s give it a try!

How to Play Endless Runner Game in Chrome on iPhone/iPad

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome app installed on your iOS device.

Step #1. Launch Chrome on your iOS device.

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Step #2. Next, you need to turn off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data. Go to Settings → Wi-Fi/Cellular and turn it off.

You can also turn on Airplane mode to get started with the game.

Step #3. Next, you have to tap on the address bar. Then, type in any URL such as

Step #4. Tap on the dinosaur icon on the screen.

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Play Dinosaur Game in Chrome on iPhone

The game should begin now. Whenever any hurdle comes before the dinosaur, you need to tap on anywhere on the screen of your device; making sure the animal is able to successfully jump over the barriers coming before it.

That’s it! Now, enjoy playing the game as much as you like.

And, do share your feedback about how cool this runner game really is.

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