How to Pin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone and Android Phone

You'd want to pin some of your favorite WhatsApp chats on your iPhone or Android phone in order to quickly access them. It'd play a big role in clearing out the mesh!

Among hundreds of WhatsApp chats, there are some special ones with which I’m always hooked on. I never want to miss out on important alerts or messages from them. That’s why; I appreciate pinning WhatsApp chats on iPhone.

The messaging app allows you to pin only three individual or group chats. Once you have prioritized the most significant contacts, they will always display at the top; thereby making it a lot easier to access them.

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How to Pin Contacts in WhatsApp on iPhone and Andorid Phone

How to Pin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone and Android Phone

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Pin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

Note: Make sure you have latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device. If you haven’t yet updated the app to the 2.17.40 version or later, open App Store → Updates → look for the app and hit the Update button which is right next to it.

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

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Step #2. Now, make sure Chats tab is selected, if it’s not already.

Step #3. Next, find the Contacts you want to pin. Then, simply swipe from left to right.

Swipe WhatsApp Contact Left to Right on iPhone

Step #4. Finally, tap on the Pin button.

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Pin WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

Now, this contact will display at the top. You can easily recognize it with the pin button.

You can use this same method to prioritize two more group or individual chats.

Unpin WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

If you ever happen to change your mind and no longer want any particular chat to be pinned, you can easily unpin it.

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Since you can’t pin more than three chats, you need to use this feature smartly and give importance to chats based on your need.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and Tap on Chat tab.

Step #2. Swipe the contact from left to right.

To Unpin Swipe WhatsApp Contact Left to Right on iPhone

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Step #3. Tap on Unpin button.

Unpin WhatsApp Contact on iPhone

That was for iPhone, let’s check out how to pin/unpin WhatsApp contacts or groups on Android Phone.

Pin Chat on Android Phone

Step #1. Open WhatsApp and go to chat Tab.

Step #2. Tap and hold the contact or group name.

Step #3. Tap on Pin Icon located at that top.

Pin WhatsApp Contacts on Android Phone

Unpin Chat on Android Phone

Step #1. Open WhatsApp and go to chat Tab.

Step #2. Tap and hold the contact or group name.

Step #3. Tap on Pin Icon again.

Unpin WhatsApp Contacts on Android Phone

That’s it!

Your turn:

The option to pin contacts is a well-thought out feature. I wish I could pin at least five chats. Are you fine with the option to highlight only three chats? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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