A couple of weeks ago, Apple made many announcements on iOS, Apple Watch and Mac OS X El Capitan. Developer community and Apple lovers across the globe watched the event with keen eyes, and therefore, everybody greeted a major update and that is: Safari will allow users to pin tabs. Kudos to Apple! Until now, people could see this facility in Chrome and Firefox.

How to Pin Safari Tabs in OS X El CapitanBut why should you use this facility of pinning tabs? Well, there are people who don’t keep a track of websites they surfed, and therefore pinning tab is a cool way to remember the website you have explored on a browser. Moreover, there are some websites that we browse frequently, almost every day. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia have become part of our life, and hence, people would surely love to pin such websites.

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How to pin Safari tabs in OS X El Capitan

Pinning a tab on Safari in OS X El Capitan is quite easy. Just right click on the tab and click on Pin Tab option from the drop-down menu. Following the same way, you can unpin the tab.

Another easy way to pin and unpin a tab respectively is to drag any tab to left and then right.


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Once you pin any tab, it will stay persistent across all Safari windows; even if you quit Safari, you can always access a pinned tab later. Since pinned tabs are small in size, there are slim chances that you close or open those tabs by slip of mouse. You can sync content across windows, including videos. To close all unpinned tabs, just right click on a pinned tab.

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Though there is no rocket science in pinning tabs, this feature became bloggable because of its user-friendliness. And Apple has always been appreciated for launching such useful features in all its products – whether software or hardware. You can try this option of pinning tabs on your Safari browser in OS X El Capitan. Don’t forget to share your feedback here.