How to Permanently Delete Viber Account

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Chat Apps have been stealing the show since their inception. While apps like Hike, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Chat managed to keep their users engaged, chat platforms like Viber failed to lure its audience. If you too once installed the app but didn’t feel like having it anymore, here are steps using which you can delete the Viber account on your iPhone. Keep scrolling to know more.

What Happens When you Deactivate or Delete Viber Account?

  • Everything, including call history, messages, and media, etc. will be deleted.
  • Your Viber account will be permanently deleted.
  • All other social media accounts linked with Viber will be detached, and your contact list will be erased from the app’s server.
  • Your purchased Viber Out Credit will stay intact, but to get it transferred to your new account. You will have to contact Viber Support.

How to Deactivate a Viber Account from iPhone

  1. Launch the Viber app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on More icon (…) and select Settings.Open Viber app Tap on More and Then Tap on Settings on iPhone
  3. Tap on Account.
  4. Now, tap on Deactivate Account.
  5. The app will ask for confirmation to deactivate as soon as you enter your contact number and tap on the Deactivate Account and confirm again.Deactivate Viber Account on iPhone

Note:  You can directly delete the app from your iPhone. But, doing this will not delete your Viber account. The account will stay active, and people will still find or add you over the app.

How to Deactivate a Viber Account from Desktop

This method is applicable only if you have the Viber app downloaded on your Mac or Windows PC.

  1. Launch the Viber app on your Desktop.
  2. Select Settings.Click on Settings in Viber App on Mac or Desktop
  3. From the sidebar, select Privacy & Security and then click on Deactivate.Click on Privacy & Security in Viber Settings on Mac or Desktop
    Click on Deactivate in Privacy & Security Settings in Vider App on Desktop
  4. You will find Deactivate Viber on the screen. It will delete all your conversation history and app data. But your conversation history will be available on other devices.Deactivate Viber Account from Desktop or Mac

Now, in case you are away from your desktop. The Viber screen can be locked by clicking Ctrl+L (For Windows) and Command+L (For Mac). If you are trying to ignore any of the spam messages or links, you can turn the Spam Protection toggle On. So that Viber filters the messages, calls, or links you receive. You will see both in Privacy & Security on your Viber screen.

Can You Reactivate Viber Account?

Once your account is deactivated, there is no way to restore your user data. You will not be able to bring back your messages and call history. Now, to reactivate the same, follow the on-screen instructions after downloading the app. Note: The same mobile number will not restore the previous account history.

Summing Up!!

Viber app, when came into existence, came with its best level of strength. People were attracted to download the app and use the same, but other apps managed to deliver a better experience. By the time WhatsApp was launched, people were paying to make international calls to their loved ones. So they immediately switched to apps such as Hike, Messenger, and WhatsApp as these apps offered internet calling through data. What are your views on the same? Why do you think the Viber app lost its existence?

Till then, keep reading and exploring!

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