How to Permanently Delete Viber Account on iPhone

Among the three popular voice messaging services, Viber enjoys its own fan-following. The other two are WhatsApp and Skype, which are relatively older players in this segment.

WhatsApp’s brand value has been increased ever since it has been acquired by Facebook. This might have affected the popularity of Viber as both offer similar services.

If you ask whether you can delete your Viber account permanently with its data and all, I would say: yes, you can. Like WhatsApp, you can deactivate or delete your Viber account if you have made up your mind to use WhatsApp or Skype.

Before you go ahead for complete deletion, please note that just deleting or removing Viber app doesn’t mean you have deleted your account. You actually need to deactivate your Viber account permanently by going to the settings of app.

If you just delete the app, your Viber address book will be deleted after 45 days from server and your phone number will be disconnected from Viber service after a year. If you have removed the app from your smartphone, you need to reinstall the app to deactivate.

Before you delete or deactivate your Viber account, you should know the consequences:

  • You will lose your data, including call and message history, groups and downloaded stickers – free and purchased
  • Your Viber contacts won’t be able to see as Viber user
  • Viber will de-link all your linked accounts like Twitter, Facebook and others
  • You will be eligible for your purchased Viber Out credit but on your new account; if you wish to contact Viber support, you can communicate via email
  • Your Viber account deactivation from primary device will be reflected on other devices as well; so you won’t be able to access Viber account from any other device


Like other messaging apps, Viber too offers you facility to save your message history; so before you deactivate, it is recommended that you restore the data because Viber will not allow you to restore the data even if you re-register on the same mobile device. Moreover, Viber offers this facility for iPhone and Android phone users only.

How to Backup Viber Message History

Step #1. Launch Viber on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on More (horizontal ellipsis at bottom right).

Step #3. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings in Viber iPhone App

Step #4. Tap on Calls and Messages.

Tap on Calls and Messages in Viber iPhone App

Step #5. Tap on Email Message History.

Tap on Email Message History in Viber iPhone App

This will send the message history to the email id you have configured.

Now you can go for deactivation of your Viber account.

How to Permanently Delete Viber Account on iPhone

Follow the first three apps as mentioned above.

Step #4. Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Privacy in Viber iPhone App

Step #5. Scroll down and Tap on Deactivate Account.

Tap on Deactivate Account in Viber iPhone App

A dialog box will appear on your iPhone’s screen with two options: Cancel and Deactivate.

Step #6. Tap on Deactivate.

Deactivate Viber Account on iPhone

This will deactivate your Viber account and you will be landed on a Viber home screen: Welcome to Viber.

Similarly, you can also deactivate Viber account from desktop.

Step #1. Click and open the Viber app on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on Preferences from Viber menu.

Click on Viber Preferences on Mac

Alternatively you can click on settings from top right corner.

Click on Settings in Viber Mac App

A small window will pop up.

Step #3. Click on Account from the list on left side navigation.

Step #4. Click on Deactivate Viber.

Click on Deactivate Viber in Mac

A pop-up reads with two buttons: Choosing ‘Deactivate’ will remove your data from Viber and deactivate Viber on this device.

If you have made up your mind, go for Deactivate. Please note that if Viber is not deactivated from your primary device, i.e. your iPhone, you can drag and drop the app into trash can in your Mac. For complete deactivation, you need to deactivate Viber from your primary device.

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