It’s a universal fact that no one can beat the picture quality of Apple iPhone or iPad. Photos captured from iPhone or iPad are simply stunning, regardless of lightning conditions. But the same is also a drawback, because it increases the size of the picture.

Clicking selfies and pictures on many not-so-important occasions is becoming a fashion day by day. Amongst youngsters, smart phone is more like a digital camera than a traditional phone. Managing storage space becomes tedious if your iPhone or iPad has large number of photos.

Delete Photos Permanently from iPhone and iPad

How to Delete Photos Permanently from iPhone and iPad

Apple has taken care of not deleting photos permanently, as many times we might delete some of our priceless photos. But when it comes to clearing the unwanted photos, it is little tricky; because when you delete any photo on iPhone or iPad it is stored in “Recently Deleted” folder. The folder again consumes your storage space. Apart from that, we need to repeat the deletion process again if we want to delete photos permanently.

To overcome this problem, Cydia has a tweak which lets you delete photos permanently, bypassing the Recently Deleted folder. Below is the guide on how to delete photos permanently on iPhone or iPad.

You can now move to Photos app and when you tap on delete icon, you will have two options: Delete Photo and Permanently Delete Photo. When you select the second option, photos will be deleted permanently.

Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone

This tweak has no other option to configure. Just a word of advice, you will not be able to restore photos that are deleted using the option “Permanently Delete Photo”.

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