How to Pay Apple Card Bill When You Lose Your iPhone?

When you lose or misplace your iPhone, it is difficult to pay Apple Card bill. Here are two methods explained to make payment for Apple Card when your iPhone is lost, stolen, or misplaced.

Apple’s private and secure ecosystem has its advantages and sometimes, disadvantages. The case in point is Apple Card, which you can lock or unlock on your iPhone. Even as you can download Apple Card PDF statements on your iPhone, there is no way you can pay your card bill when you lose your iPhone. You know what steps should you take when you lose your iPhone, but how to make payment for Apple Card bill when your iPhone is lost.

Thankfully, Apple Support helps you. To make your financial life paperless, Apple has made its credit card completely digital. While other credit cards allow you to access your information using other means, Apple confines its card in the Wallet app. You can get your card statement, transactions, balances, previous statements, and payments from Wallet app. Since these details are not available on the website, you

How to Make Payment for Apple Card When Your iPhone is Lost or Stolen

Until you recover your lost or misplaced iPhone, you have to wait. But this is not possible as late payments would incur more interest charges. You can either buy a new iPhone and pay your credit card bill. But this too is not a quick solution.

There are two ways you can pay Apple Card bill: you can use your iPad or another iOS device to gain access to the Wallet app. Next, you can follow the simple process to make Apple Card payments.

Alternatively, you can seek help from Apple Support. Place a call and talk to Apple Support representative, who will connect you with Goldman Sachs Apple Card expert. Note that Goldman Sachs is Apple’s official partner in this financial venture.

While talking to the Goldman Sachs specialist, you are supposed to share your full name, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number, and the phone number connected with your account. You will be able to make your Apple Card payment over the phone.

Although this is a secure way of making Apple Card payments, many other credit cards offer options of website and mobile apps to pay credit card bill. Let me take this opportunity to ask Apple to provide other ways and means to pay the Apple Card bill when the device is misplaced or lost.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

In a completely different situation, people lose their Apple Cards or the card gets stolen. In this event, you can follow a few things to request a replacement Titanium Apple Card. Until Apple introduces a quicker and easier way to pay a credit card bill, you will have to employ one of the two methods.

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