While iPhone is a great way of recording awesome videos, one thing people truly miss in the Camera app is the ability to pause/resume video recordings. I ,for one, believe that Apple should implement this functionality to make its Camera app a versatile tool for recording videos, but until that happens, we have a jailbreak tweak to take care of the job.

RecordPause is a new cydia tweak that makes it possible to pause and resume video recordings. This tweak simply allows you to tap on the timer at the top of the screen to pause the video recording. The color of the timer changes from white to yellow the moment you pause it.

How to Pause and Resume video recording on iPhoneTo resume the recording, you need to tap on the timer again. The timer color would turn into white when you resume the video. If you're one of those users who frequently use their iOS device to record videos, this tweak will make your day.

How to Pause and Resume video recordings in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Cydia and search for RecordPause.

Step #2. Open the tweak from search results and install it.

Step #3. Since there's nothing to configure, you're ready to go as soon as you've installed the tweak.

Step #4. Open the Camera app and start recording a video.

Step #5. Tap on the timer to pause (or resume) the video (Make sure not to tap recording button.)

Pause and Resume video recordings on iPhone and iPadThat's all to it. However, there's a little problem with this approach. If you've selected the framerate >= 60, you might experience “stutter bug” after resuming the recording. This is probably because of the camera format itself, but the tweak still brings a very important feature to the Camera app.

Have you missed the ability to pause and resume video recordings in iOS 8? What do you think of the tweak? Let us know in the comments.

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