If you use Photo Streams in iOS 7, you obviously have to check this tweak out. PProtect is a new Cydia tweak that password-protects the albums in your Photo Stream. With a few options to pick and customize, PProtect is a very minimal, simple but effective tweak for Photo Stream users.

One blaring feature that is missing from iOS 7's photos app is being able to password-protect albums. You can't even have passwords for the Camera Roll where many of the private photos go. While PProtect will not be protecting your Camera Roll or the albums within Photos menu, it will certainly protect the Photo Stream. Completely.

Password-protect Photo Stream Photos in iOS 7 with PProtect Tweak

In fact, PProtect can be a wonderful workaround to password-protect some of the photos in Camera Roll by transferring them to Photo Stream. For those of you who use Photo Streams, an introduction to Photo Streams isn't necessary. For those of you who don't, Photo Streams is a way to share your photos over iCloud.

There are two benefits to Photo Streams:

  • They can be shared with your friends (on iOS devices, Macs and even the web). Photo Streams is more or less a social sharing of your photos. If configured, your friends can also add to your Photo Stream besides commenting, liking etc.
  • They can serve as iCloud backups of your photos. While iCloud does make backups of your photos, you can also use Photo Streams as a backup. Suppose you want to remove all photos from your Camera Roll but keep some of them somewhere, you can make use of Photo Streams.

PProtect comes with a preference pane in Settings. When you go to Settings → PProtect for the first time, you will be asked to pick a new password. There's also a security question in case you forgot the password and need to recover it.

Thankfully, PProtect does not put a blanket password lock on all of the albums within Photo Stream. Once inside PProtect, you can select which of the albums inside the Photo Streams you want to password-protect. So you can have general photo streams that you are okay with being open and then you can have some protected photo streams which you will choose in Settings → PProtect.

Once you protect a photo stream album, tapping on it from within the Photos app will prompt for the password.

There are a few more options too:

  • You can blur the icon/album art of the password-protected albums in Photo Stream.
  • You can disable deleting photo stream albums unless password is supplied.
  • You can block other apps from accessing the protected photo stream albums. So, image pickers (like when you try to attach images in iMessage, Whatsapp or Facebook) will not be able to open the password-protected photo streams.

Okay but here's the best part. You want to password-protect some of your photos but you don't know how to.

Here's what you can do:

  • Make sure you have Photo Streams enabled from (Settings → Photos & Camera) and enable Photo Sharing
  • Now, open your Photos app, tap on ‘Shared‘ (with the cloud icon)
  • Tap on ‘+‘ (or on New Shared Stream…)
  • Give it a name. Then, tap on + again to add photos. Pick photos from your Camera Roll or any other album. Once these get uploaded to the Photo Stream, all you need to do is delete the photos from the Camera Roll. (But make sure they got uploaded first).
  • The rest of the part is easy: install PProtect through Cydia and protect the new Photo Stream album you just created.

PProtect is up on the BigBoss and is priced $1.99.