PDF files are portable and PDF is quite the standard format for professional documents. These files can be easily shared and accessed. But what’s even cooler is that PDF files can be password-protected. You can lock down the files with a password just as easily on a Mac OS X.

You can password protect or encrypt the documents using two ways; one by directly printing the encrypted PDF or two by encrypting the PDF via the Preview app. On both counts, we’re talking about:

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How To Password Protect PDF Files in Mac OS X

Add Password or Encrypt your PDF from Browser

Step 1: In your web browser, open the document you want to print. Use the keystroke Command + P to open the printing dialog box.

Print Password Protected Document on Mac OS X

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Step 2: Right at the bottom of the dialog box, where it says PDF, select the option: Save as PDF.

Save Document As a PDF on Mac OS X

Step 3: Click on Security Options

Security Options in Mac OS X

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Step 4: Check Require Password to open document and type a password.

Check Required Password in PDF

Step 5: Once you’ve verified the password, click OK. Optionally, you can also add a password to copy and print the document. More security.

Step 6: Save the document as a new PDF file.

Add Password using Preview:

Step 1: Open the PDF file in Preview. (In most cases, Preview will be the default app that opens PDF files on your Mac.)

Step 2: Select File from menu bar and then choose: Export as PDF

Export file as PDF in Mac OS X

Step 3: Click on Show Details from the dialog box.

Show Details PDF File on Mac OS X

Step 4: Check the option Encrypt

Endcrypt Password in PDF on Mac OS X

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Step 5: Type in your password and choose a destination to save it in.