While it's possible to disable access to all apps on your iPhone/iPad through Restrictions, it is not exactly the correct answer to ‘how to lock or password-protect the apps on my iPhone?'

iOS does not provide a solution at all, actually. And not so surprisingly, Apple doesn't let apps to prevent other apps from opening without a password: so you won't find apps on the App Store that will password-protect your apps.

The only solution, then, is to jailbreak and look for Cydia tweaks.

How to Password-protect Apps on iPhone and iPad

Interestingly, if locking down apps for security is your primary concern, it's totally worth it. With a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, you have quite a bunch of options (tweaks) that will lock your apps for security. That's precisely what this post is all about.

For those of you who are not familiar with things like jailbreaking, Cydia and tweaks, iGeeksBlog has a ton of basic material that you can skim through to understand what it is. Bottom line, if you seriously want to lock down your apps, password-protect them, you need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad.

Here are four Cydia tweaks that we love when it comes to password-protecting apps (and folders)

  • AppLocker
  • FolderLock
  • Lockdown Pro
  • iProtect

AppLocker: AppLocker comes pre-packed with quite a bunch of things. AppLocker is our tweak of choice because, well, it's one of the cheaper solutions (by price) and works perfectly. This tweak is quite feature-rich and has some amazing properties like being able to lock not just apps but more than that. Folders, settings, Wifi, multi-tasks switcher, etc.

Price: $0.99; Repo: ModMyi

FolderLock: FolderLock locks folders only, so it's more of a workaround solution than being a real one to password-protect apps. Note that FolderLock is only compatible for iOS 4.x and 5.x. IOS 6.x users are out of luck here. If you are on iOS 5.x, FolderLock might come in handy to lock down folders. You can put your apps inside FolderLock, and they'll remain protected. That is unless someone is smart enough to look for them in Spotlight and open.

Price: $1.59; Repo: BigBoss

LockDown: LockDown and LockDown Pro (the paid version) is an iPhone-only tweak is one of the coolest app-lock-down tweaks I've seen. It's a no-nonsense interface, and that's what I love about the tweak. You can either lock all applications or lock specific ones by choosing them from the tweak. It works like an app of its own. The Pro version comes with SBSettings toggles too. For the iPad-version, you need LockDown Lite iPad or LockDown Pro iPad ($2.99).

You can also edit the apps lockdown status right from the springboard.

Price: $4.99; Repo: BigBoss

iProtect: iProtect is the costliest solution regarding Cydia tweaks, but it's also the most complete solution. The huge price-tag can be a big turn-off, but if locking down apps is a serious must-have feature, iProtect is just the thing you're looking for.

Price: (Free trial) $8.99; Repo: BigBoss

On a related note, if you're looking to protect the data on your iPhone, some amazing iPhone security apps are worth trying.

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