How to Pair Magic Keyboard with Your Mac

Magic Keyboard has excellent look and feel, and it’s so comfortable to use on your Retina 4K iMac or Retina 5K iMac. Here is how to connect and pair Magic Keyboard with your Mac.

Magic Keyboard from Apple is another cool product along with the likes of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple has made an important change by eliminating that cylinder that gives any keyboard a slanting position.

This new Magic Keyboard boasts a plane construction, and this new design has fascinated many Mac users. Though this new Magic Keyboard comes with Retina 4K iMac or Retina 5K iMac, existing Mac users can also use this Magic Keyboard. All they need to do is to connect this Magic Keyboard with their Mac.

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How to Pair Magic Keyboard to Mac

How to Connect Magic Keyboard to your Mac

If you are running your Mac on OS X 10.11 El Capitan, it is quite easy to pair Magic keyboard. Apart from Mac, you can also connect and pair Magic Board with iPhone and iPad.

The Magic Keyboard has a small switch on the left back corner.

Step #1. Turn this Magic Keyboard on (If it is already ON, switch it off and then turn it ON to make keyboard discoverable on your Mac).

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Step #2. Now connect your Magic Keyboard with Mac with the help of lightning cable (Insert lightning end in the keyboard and USB portion in Mac).

A notification will appear on the Mac: “Keyboard Ready to Use. You can now use the Apple Magic Keyboard wirelessly”. You can also see two options: Done and Settings.

Step #3. Click on Done or wait till the notification disappears automatically.

Would you believe, your Magic Keyboard is not connected to your Mac. It is so simple! Now you can disconnect the lightning cable as you can use this Magic Keyboard wirelessly. But don’t forget to charge the keyboard whenever it is low on battery.

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This further raises a question in your mind: how can I check battery charge level of this Magic Keyboard? Read on to find the solution.

How to Check Battery Charge Level of Magic Keyboard on Your Mac

If there is one thing missing on this Magic Keyboard, it is battery charge indicator. However, you can always check this on your Mac.

Step #1. Click on Bluetooth icon on Menu.

A drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Find Magic Keyboard option from the list.

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Step #2. Hover the mouse on Magic Keyboard.

A small pop-up will appear with two options: Battery Level and Open Keyboard Preferences.

Step #3. Check the Battery Level percentage.

If in case you don’t want to use Magic Keyboard, you can unpair it from the Mac.

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How to Unpair Magic Keyboard from Your Mac

Step #1. Click on Bluetooth icon from Menu of your Mac.

A drop-down menu will appear; hover the mouse on the drop-down menu.

Step #2. Click on Magic Keyboard option.

A pop-up will come out with an option of Disconnect.

Step #3. Click on Disconnect.

That’s it! Your Magic Keyboard will be disconnected from the Mac.

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  1. very different experience on Yosemite…..not battery indicator and pairing as per the instructions doesn’t work….


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