How to Pair and Control Apple TV with Apple Watch

Apple TV is your one destination that streams entertainment including blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, live sports, music, photos, videos, and more. And all this on your HD TV. You can also connect your iOS devices with Apple TV and enjoy watching content using AirPlay. For your convenience, Apple TV comes with a remote control.

For a change, what if you could control your Apple TV with your Apple Watch? It’s amazing, isn’t it? No need to hold remote control in your hands; just tap on a few options on your Apple Watch screen and your job is done. In short, you can operate Apple TV from your wrist. Now this sounds interesting to you!

How to Pair and Control Apple TV with Apple Watch

But before you start controlling Apple TV with your iWatch, you need to set up or pair up the TV with your Apple Watch. The Remote app on Apple Watch works same as it works on your iPhone; but it’s a built-in app on Apple Watch, so you don’t need to download from App Store.

How to Pair Apple TV with Apple Watch

Step #1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch (If you are not on the home screen of Watch.)

Step #2. Tap on the Remote app.

Step #3. Get your passcode by Tapping Add Device.

Step #4. Press and hold Menu button on Apple TV and you will be landed on Home screen (If you are not on the home screen.)

Step #5. Tap on Settings → Tap on General → Tap on Remotes

Step #6. Tap on Select to add

Step #7. Type in passcode

Step #8. Tap on Done

Now, you can see an icon of Apple TV in the Remote app on your Apple Watch. If this doesn’t work, reboot either Apple Watch or TV or both.

It’s time to experience the joy of using your Apple Watch to operate Apple TV.

How to Control/Operate Apple TV with Apple Watch

Step #1. If you are not on the home screen, press the Digital Crown.

Step #2. Tap on the Remote app.

Step #3. Establish link between your Apple TV & Watch by tapping on Apple TV icon

Step #4. Operate Apple TV interface by swiping left, right, up and down

Step #5. Tap anywhere on the screen to select.

Step #6. Come back to the device selector screen by tapping the list button at the top left

Step #7. Return to up level by tapping on the Menu button

Step #8. Start & pause video or audio playback by tapping play/pause button

If you don’t wish to operate TV from your Watch, you can remove Apple TV from your Apple Watch Remote app.

How to Remove Apple TV from Apple Watch Remote App

Step #1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch.

Step #2. Tap on the Remote app.

Step #3. Go to the options menu by firmly pressing the Apple Watch screen.

Step #4. Tap on Edit.

Step #5. Tap on the Remove (x) button next to the device icon.

Step #6. Tap on the tick mark (√) button to finish the procedure.

Similarly, you can also remove Apple Watch from the remotes of Apple TV.

How to Remove Apple Watch from the Remotes of Apple TV

Step #1. Press and hold down the Menu button on your Apple TV (This will take you to home screen if you are not on the same.)

Step #2. Tap on Settings → Tap on General → Tap on Remotes → Tap on the name of your Apple Watch → Tap on Remove.