How to Organize Podcasts into Stations on Apple TV

Enjoy listening podcasts? There is a simple way to organize podcasts into stations on your Apple TV. It will help you easily catch up with all of your favorite podcasts and also save plenty of your time ensuring you have a seamless podcast listening experience on Apple TV.

There are certain podcasts like “Evening news show,” “Daily Sports Update” which I regularly watch. To streamline my user-experience, I have organized my favorite podcasts into stations on Apple TV. And, with iCloud integration, they are readily available across the devices to bring endless joy to me whenever and whenever I want!

Once you have created a podcast station, you can customize it to seamlessly fall in line with your taste. For instance, you can add or choose different subscribed podcasts for the station. Read on to get started:

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How to Organize Podcasts into Stations on Apple TV

How to Create and Organize Podcasts into Stations on Apple TV

How to Create a Podcast Station on Apple TV

Step #1. Swipe on the Siri remote to go to Library.

Step #2. Now, click on Create a Station.

Step #3. Next, you need to enter a name for your station.

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Step #4. Click Done and then add podcasts.

In order to create more stations, click the New Station button “+” in Library.

Navigate station episodes

Swipe on the touch surface to bring up Library and select a station to see a list of episodes. To play an episode, select it and then press the Touch surface or the Play/Pause button.

How to Organize Podcasts into Stations on Apple TV

Access options from the episode list

In order to check out a list of episodes, swipe to go to Library and then choose a station. Highlight a podcast, then press and hold the Touch surface to get more options like playing the next episode or even deleting the option you don’t like anymore.

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Following are the five options you get:

  • Play the next episode
  • Add the current episode to Up Next
  • Mark the episode as played
  • View a full description of the episode
  • Delete the episode

Access options for a station

You get several options for a station. Just swipe on the Touch surface to access Library and select a station. Then, press and hold the Touch surface to get more options like deleting the station or even giving it a quick refresh.

Below are the four options you have:

  • Play the station
  • Refresh the station to see the newest episodes
  • Go to that station’s settings
  • Delete the station

Change a station’s settings

To quickly change a station’s settings, you need to swipe to access Library and then choose a station. Next, select Station Settings. Up next, choose the menu items to carry out various things like–

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  • Rename the station
  • Change the playback order of episodes
  • Change which episodes, type of media, and playback status to include
  • Add or choose different subscribed podcasts for the station
  • Delete the station

That’s all folks!

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Hopefully, your podcast time is going to be more exciting from now onwards. Have any feedback? Toss it up in the comments.

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