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WhatsApp has introduced many smart features for users in its latest update. To give a tough competition to its rival apps, WhatsApp has finally launched some of the most useful features in this update.

Muting individual or specific chats was a long pending requirement in this app, though it has already launched an update on how to mute group notifications/alerts on WhatsApp.

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But in its latest updates, WhatsApp has also covered muting specific WhatsApp chats on iPhone; now you can mute chats from an individual contact in this app.

How to Mute Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Many users have been asking for such a solution wherein they can mute some of their contacts, who continuously send chats or forwarded messages. This can be annoying if one has to receive more than 50 chats or forwarded messages giving lessons on how to live a better life. Not anymore. Now you can mute such chats on your WhatsApp.

How to Mute Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

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Step #1. Swipe gently from right to left; Two options will appear: More and Archive.

Step #2. Tap on More.

Tap on More in WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Step #4. A menu will swipe up with five options: Mute, Contact Info, Email Chat, Clear Chat and Delete Chat → Tap on Mute.Tap on Mute in WhatsApp Chat Contact on iPhone

Step #5. Again a menu will swipe up with three options: 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year.Duration Options to Mute Specific Chat in WhatsApp on iPhone

You can choose any of the three options and the chat will be muted accordingly. Once you mute any specific chat, an icon of a crossed-out speaker will appear next to the chat. After the stipulated time, the chat will be unmuted automatically. Or you can unmute the muted chats by following the same method. If any message comes on this muted chat, you won't get any notification tone or vibration; however, you can always read the messages later.

Unmute WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

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Among other useful features of the updated WhatsApp, you can also check how to mark WhatsApp chats as read or unread.

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  • Kim

    Would this effect the two ticks for receiving message? I’ve noticed that a contacts last seen has changed, but the message I sent them previous to this change is only showing one tick. I do not know if there is a problem with either my phone or theirs but my message has been on one tick for around 20hrs and they have been online. I know I’m not blocked and don’t understand why the message is showing one tick.

  • Anonymous

    is the block and mute options are in same settings in iphone whatsapp?
    Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked,
    is there an option for mute under settings
    like this Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Mute
    or ‘mute’ appears only under ‘more’ options?

    • Mute appears only under ‘More’ option.