How to Mute Message Conversations on Mac OS X and iOS 8

Sometimes, conversation in message thread on Mac OS X or iPhone/iPad becomes quite noisy, mainly when the conversation in message thread is not important to you. Hence, you may be looking for suitable solution to do away with the disruption. We have found out short and simple yet very useful solution of your problem so that you can get rid of unusually disruption.

Here’s a way through which you can mute the unusual conversation in message thread. Even, you can mute the certain conversation, group conversation or chat or single conversation in message without letting the person know that he has been muted.

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Here’s How to Mute Message Conversation on Mac OS X Yosemite

Step #1. Open the message app from your Mac.

Step #2. Select the conversation that you want to mute.

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Step #3. Click on the “Details” which is shown top right corner.

Click on Details in Message App on Mac OS XStep #4. Now, check the box “Do Not Disturb.”

Click on Do Not Disturb in Messages App on MacThat’s it. Now you have enabled Do Not Disturb. It will work instantly and you are not going to get any alert, notifications and sound from the muted conversation or group chat. Moreover, you can do the same in iOS device, if you do not wish to receive any unusual message.

How to Mute Message Conversations in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad

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Step #1. Go to Message App.

Step #2. Select the conversation that you want to mute.

Step #3. Tap on Details from Right Corner.

Tap on Details in iPhone Message AppStep #4. Enable Do Not Disturb.

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Tap on Do Not Disturb in iPhone Message AppYou can also mute group conversation when it is unusual or not interested to you. There are some folks who keep sending unusual messages and you cannot directly tell them not to message you but you can mute them this way.

Meanwhile, if you want to undo/ disable the Do Not Disturb then follow above steps and uncheck the “Do Not Disturb” box. You will start getting the message and notification as usual.

We hope, this tip will be useful to you.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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