How to Mute or Leave a Group iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Group message is a nice way to connect with a number of friends or colleagues on your iOS device or Mac. However, you may feel bored if the conversation loses interest or go astray. In this situation, you can either mute group iMessage or leave the conversation on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Group chats on iMessage and other chat clients are a convenient way to interact with friends and colleagues. iMessage, with its secure and private network, is a more popular destination for group chats. But when conversations go beyond your interest, you wish you could either mute or leave group iMessages on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

When you mute a group message, you actually hide alerts; thus, you can get a peaceful afternoon siesta on weekends. Many Apple users use iMessage on their Mac as they can type group messages quickly. For them, there is a different method to mute alerts or leave group messages. Let’s take a look into both the methods!

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How to Mute Group Messages Chat on iPhone or iPad

We have discussed here methods of leaving group messages on iOS devices and Mac computers. First, we will go through the steps of muting group message chat in iPhone and iPad.

On your iPhone and iPad, you can employ two methods: you can hide alerts from the main screen of Messages app or you can go inside the group message and then hide alerts.

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. Tap on the group name.

Step #3. Next, tap on the group name in the center above. Three options will spread out there: audio, FaceTime, and info.

Tap on Group Name in iOS Message app

Step #4. Tap on info (i).

Tap on Info icon Under the iMessage Group Name

You are now on a screen that shows all the details like the name of the group, group members, adding a contact, sending current location, etc.

Step #5. Scroll down and you can see Hide Alerts option.

Toggle this Hide Alerts option OFF → Tap on Done button from the top right corner.

Mute Group Message Chat on iPhone

On the main screen of Messages, you can see a crescent moon icon before the group name.

There is another simpler method to mute group messages on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1. Open Messages app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Scroll up/down and find the group.

Step #3. Now, swipe from right to left on the group.

Mute conversations in Messages on iPhone and iPad

You can see two slabs in purple and red colors; the purple one shows Hide Alerts and the red is to Delete.

Step #4. Tap on Hide Alerts.

Swipe from right to left on iMessage Group

You can see that a crescent moon before the group name; this means you have successfully turned on Do Not Disturb for that group messages.

How to Leave Conversation in Messages on iPhone or iPad

When you leave a conversation, you register your unhappiness or unwillingness towards the group or a particular member. If you happen to be a group admin, you can always remove a user from iMessage group if s/he is a nuisance; but this is a rare event.

If you are fed up with the conversation taking place in the group, you may take this decision to leave the conversation in Messages on iPhone or iPad.

Follow the first five steps as mentioned above (see the steps in the first method).

Step #6. Scroll down and find ‘Leave this Conversation’ option below Hide Alerts.

Step #7. Tap on Leave this Conversation; a pop-up appears from the bottom of the screen. Tap on ‘Leave this Conversation’. again to confirm your action.

Leave Conversation in Messages on iPhone or iPadFrom now on, you won’t be able to participate in a group conversation on the Messages app.

How to Mute Conversations in Messages on Mac

If you are using Messages app on your Mac, it is easier to mute group messages.

Step #1. Open Messages app from Launchpad or Spotlight Search.

Step #2. Either click on the group name or find the group in the search bar from the left.

Step #3. On the right side, you can see your chat history or conversations with group members. On the top right, it is Details; you need to click on this option.

Find the iMassage Group Name and Click on Details on Mac

A pop-up will appear there with all the details of the group.

Step #4. Below Add Member option, you will find Do Not Disturb check box. Just click on this check box and then leave the window.

Click Do Not Disturb check box to Mute Conversations in Messages on Mac

A crescent moon will appear before the group name, indicating you have enabled ‘Do Not Disturb’ for the group.

How to Leave Conversation in Messages on Mac

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on the group name and then click on Details from the top right corner.

Step #3. Click on Leave this Conversation.

Leave Conversation in Messages on Mac

This will quickly prevent you from taking part in group messages. Next, leave the window.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

I have noticed that when I mute a group message on my iPhone, it doesn’t get reflected on my Mac and vice versa. Apart from this, there is no considerable difference between the two methods of muting group message on iOS and Mac.

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