How to Mute Instagram Direct Conversation Notifications on iPhone

Instagram Direct conversation alert can be muted in a simple way. If you frequently get such alerts from your followers, check them with this information.

Instant messaging has changed the way we used to communicate with each other. In a mature technological set up, people not only like to send text but also want to share photos, audios and videos as quick messages.

Instagram is undoubtedly the best messaging app that helps share photos of users. A step further, Instagram has also launched direct messaging tool: Instagram Direct.

How to Mute Instagram Direct Conversation Notifications Alerts on iPhone

This tool allows you to send photos or videos directly to those who follow you on Instagram. Similarly, people who you are following can also send you direct photos and videos with the help of Instagram Direct.

Since you can now share your awesome content with multiple Instagrammers, they can also send you back something cool, or not so cool. This creates the need to mute Instagram Direct conversation alerts. So how you can mute such conversations on your iPhone or iPad?

How to Mute Instagram Direct Conversation Alerts on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Instagram app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the Direct icon from top right corner.

Tap on Direct Message Icon in Instagram iPhone App

Step #3. Now select the conversation you want to mute.

Tap on Instagram Conversation You Want to Mute

Step #4. Tap on Information icon (i).

Tap on i Icon in Instagram iPhone App Conversation

Step #5. Toggle Mute Notifications ON.

Mute Instagram Direct Message Notification Alerts on iPhone

This will mute Instagram Direct conversation alerts on your iPhone or iPad. Instagram is a nice app to share visual content with friends and family. But like any other app, this too has its own demerits. No worries; you will find solutions to many such problems related to Apple products, services and apps.

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