How to Mute and UnMute Safari Tabs in OS X El Capitan

If you are using Windows and Chrome browser in it, it is pretty easy to identify that which tab is emitting the sound. And it’s also pretty easy to mute those tabs emitting sound in case of browsers like chrome. But when it comes to Mac OS X El Capitan, the procedure is quite different. Of course, it is quite easy, but the latest version of OS X 10.11 in Safari browser announced at WWDC 2015 is blessed with some amazing features like native tab muting.

If at all you are facing problems with the sound in your Safari browser, I am going to explain you the simplest ways by which you can easily mute or unmute the sound in the browser. So here we go:

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How to Mute and UnMute Safari Tabs in OS X El Capitan

Mute or UnMute Individual Tabs in Mac OS X El Capitan

To mute an individual tab, it doesn’t require any long process to follow. Just a click and you are done! All you have to do is click on the speaker option in the tab that is emitting sound and turn off the sound option.Mute Safari Tabs in Mac OS X El CapitanThis is how you can easily mute or unmute the sound emitting from an individual tab in Safari of OS X El Capitan.

Mute or UnMute All Tabs at a Glance in Mac OS X El Capitan

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Identifying which tab is emitting sound is not a big deal because you have sound icon to check that but if you want to mute all the tabs at once, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open a new tab which is not playing the sound in your Safari browser.

Mute All Tabs in Safari in OS X El Capitan

  • Now click on the speaker button to mute all the tabs.
  • If you want to unmute it, then click on the speaker icon (open new tab) to hear the sound from all tabs.

UnMute All Tab in Safari in OS X El CapitanTake a note that, if you implement these steps on the browser’s tab which is already emitting the sound, it will only mute that particular tab but not all.

Keep Listening to Just One Tab’s Sound and Turn off All Other

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Now this is a bit tricky. You might get confused with the above process and this one. In the previous one, I said that you have to open a new tab which isn’t playing sound but here it’s different. You have to right click on the speaker of the tab which is already emitting the sound. This is will mute all the other tabs in the Safari browser and will the tab which you are on will emit the sound.

The ability of Safari browser to deliver the sound via the latest OS X El Capitan is awesome. But at times when you play videos or audios in multiple tabs, it becomes quite hard to hear all the emitted sounds from different tabs. So to avoid this problem, you have to follow the steps mentioned above. And a week back we also displayed how to pin Safari tabs in OS X El Capitan. This will help you to easily pin the tabs in Safari browser.

I hope that these steps will let you hear what you want to. If you still face any problems in your Safari browser of OS X El Capitan, we are always here to help you. Stay tuned for more how to guides on our blog.

Harshil Patel
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