How to Move iMessage History From One Mac To Another

How to Transfer iMessage Between Mac

Even after so many smart communication devices available, users still like to use traditional keyboard of laptop or desktop. The reason is simple: these keyboards give comfort of typing; whereas on smartphones and tablets, virtual keypads test your thumb strength.

When Mac first launched iMessage facility, users welcome this feature with open arms. And iMessage has become one of the most used apps on Mac. This must have made you think of transferring iMessage conversation history from one Mac to another.

You would certainly like to save some official conversations as this might include important chats between you and your boss, colleagues or clients. Though you can always take backup of iMessages on iTunes, it is recommended that you know an alternative in case iTunes backup fails to work.

How to Transfer iMessages Conversation History Between Mac

Step #1. Click on Messages app from the dock on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on Messages from the menu.

Step #3. Now click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in iMessages App on Mac

A dialog box will appear on your Mac screen with three tabs: General, and Accounts. On this dialog box, make sure that “Save history when conversations are close” option is checked under the General tab. This option will be seen next to Application.

Click on Save History When Conversation are Closed in Mac

Step #4. Now, go to Finder and Click on Go from menu bar.

Step #5. Now click on Go to Folder option from the list.

Click on Go To Folder Option in Mac Menu Bar

A dialog box with a bar will appear.

Step #6. Type in “~/Library” in the bar.

Go to Library Folder on Mac

Step #7. Click on Go.

This will open your Library folder on your Mac. You can see many folders in this folder; one of them is Messages. This Messages folder contains all your new and old messages, conversations, and attachments.

Click on Messages Folder on Mac

You can transfer this folder to your Dropbox; zip the folder and email it to yourself. Or maybe you can Airdrop the same to your new Mac.

Step #8. Open your new Mac; but do not open Messages app.

Step #9. As mentioned above, you can either download zipped folder from your email; or if you have Dropboxed the Messages folder from Library, simply replace the existing Messages folder in “~/Library” on your new Mac.

Step #10. Now open Messages app and you should be able to access all your old conversations & attachments you had on your old Mac.

If necessary, you should restart your Mac for smooth transfer.

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