How to Move from Beats Music to Apple Music on iPhone/iPad

When something new comes, the old one has to find its place in a trash. Technology is constantly getting updated and upgraded every day; and the world of Apple is ever evolving. The latest buzz in the air is Apple Music. With the arrival of Apple Music, people have started signing up for this new service and getting rid of the older Beats Music.

If you want to adopt this Apple Music, you can move directly to this new phenomenon. Remember, that your playlists, library, recommendations and other things will be shifted to Apple Music. Moreover, your username (Beats Music Handle), artists & curators you follow, playlists created by editors & curators, and playlists created by your friends also move to Apple Music.

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How to Move to Apple Music from Beats MusicPlease note that if somebody has already taken your username in Apple Music, you need to create your own unique username.

Also note that you can carry forward your credit in Beats Music account to Apple Music. Your iTunes Store may surprise you with some credit, which is a difference in cost between Apple Music membership and Beats Music subscription.

Before you start moving to Apple Music, a few fact checks: you can shift from Beats Music to Apple Music only on iDevices running iOS 8.4; moreover, you also need the latest update of the Betas Music app.

Now open the Beats Music on your iOS device; you will be prompted to move to Apple Music. If you haven’t used Beats Music ever, you can join sign up for Apple Music as a new member.

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Before you follow this process, ensure that you are signed in to iTunes on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Move to Apple Music from Beats Music on Your iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Now launch Beats Music app.

Step #2. Sign in to Beats Music (If you are not signed in already.)

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Step #3. You will be prompted with a message: Beats Music is now Apple Music; tap Get Started.

If you don’t see this Get Started button, tap on View Update to update to the latest version of iOS. Once you update the iOS version, you can start the move process with the first step.

Step #4. You will be prompted with an option of Individual membership. You can go for Family membership once you join Apple Music.

Step #5. Now type in the password you use with Apple ID to confirm your membership.

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Once you confirm your Apple Music membership, the Music app opens. Your billing is set up successful for Apple Music. You should be able to access your recommendations and music library from Apple Music. If you don’t see your moved content in Apple Music after 24 hours, you should contact Apple Support.

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