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If you are an Android user and now want to switch to an iOS device (got the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus?), transferring data from your Android device to iOS device will top your priority list. Until now, Apple eco-system has never allowed any other penetration unless iTunes, iCloud or any product or service from Apple.

But sensing the need of the hour, Apple has made some significant changes with the release of iOS 9. And now you can transfer or move your data from Android smartphone to iOS phone, i.e. iPhone.

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How to Move from Android to iPhone

We have already dealt with the similar topic of moving from Android to iPhone; also, we have uploaded useful information on syncing Gmail contacts on iPhone or iPad.

However, Apple, with its iOS 9 public release, has provided an easier way to move data from Android to iOS. Before you move your data, please note that this method will work on a blank iPhone, i.e. a brand new one. If you want to transfer data from your Android phone to iPhone, you need to go for Factory Reset in your iPhone.

“Move to iOS” is an app that can help you migrate from Android to iOS device. And you can find this app on Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

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How to Migrate Data from Android to iPhone

Step #1. First, download “Move to iOS” app on your Android device.

Step #2. Now take your iPhone and press the power button ON. Your iPhone will ask you to set up language from the list of different languages.

  • Select your choice of language.
  • Now select your country and region on iPhone.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose Location Services.
  • Set up Touch ID.
  • Create a Passcode.

Step #3. Post this, you will be landed on Apps and Data screen on your iPhone. From several options, choose “Move Data from Android”.

Tap on Move Data From Android

Step #4. Tap “Continue”. Your iPhone will display a 10-digit code.

Step #5. Now come back to your Android smartphone; Open “Move to iOS” on your Android phone.

Step #6. Tap on Continue

Step #7. Tap Agree on Terms & Conditions screen; This will take you to “Find Your Code” screen.

Step #8. Tap on Next; Enter the 10-digit code displayed on your iPhone.

Your iPhone is now connected to the Android phone.

Step #9. On your iPhone screen, you will see a notification: Move From Android.

After a few seconds, a notification will appear on your Android phone, asking you to select any of the three transfer options under Transfer Data section: Google Accounts, Bookmarks and Camera Roll.

Step #10. Select your options and tap on Next.

The transfer will take some time.

Once the transfer is completed, a message can be seen on your Android device: Transfer Complete.

Step #11. Tap on Done button on the screen.

A little later, your iPhone will also display similar message: Transfer Complete.

Now you can complete the set-up on your iPhone like setting up Apple ID, Siri, Diagnostics etc.

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You can check now whether your data is migrated successfully to your iPhone from Android phone.

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