How to Minimize or Maximize Emails in iPhone Mail App

Minimize or maximize your emails while they are in draft mode in iPhone Mail app. Follow this simple steps and manage more than one email while composing, sending reply or forwarding a mail.

During a day, you have to browse and view manyemails with attachments and this also makes you busy sending reply to someimportant emails. While writing a reply, you would like to mention a reference from other emails. At this moment, you can’t Cancel the mail you are drafting neither you would discard it.

This is when you wish you could minimize the mail in draft to check other mails for reference. With the latest iOS, you can easily minimize and then again maximize email in draft. If you cancel the mail, you will be forced either to Delete Draft or Save Draft; both are time-consuming actions. Solution is to minimize and maximize the mail to check other emails from your Inbox or any folder from the Mailboxes screen.

How to minimize or maximize emails in Mail app on iPhone:

Step #1: Launch Mail app on your iPhone. By default, Inbox screen will appear on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on Draft icon.

Draft New Email in iPhone Mail App

A New Message will open; type in email id of recipient and subject line in the box of Subject. When you start writing subject line, you can see that it will also appear on the header of draft email. To be precise, New Message text will be replaced by the subject line you have typed in.

Step #3: Once you type in subject line, tap and hold the subject line, which is seen in the header.

Step #4: Now drag the entire draft down to the bottom of the screen.

While dragging the draft down, make sure that your finger is pressed on the subject line. The mail is minimized now and you have access to other folders & Mailboxes in the app. When you want to draft the minimized mail, just tap on it from the bottom and it will swipe up on your iPhone’s screen.

Minimize Email in iPhone Mail App

Watch out how to minimize or maximize emails in iPhone mail app:

This feature helps you every time you are composing a new mail, sending a reply or forwarding any mail. If you want to write more than one email simultaneously, you can minimize & maximize the number of emails with the above method.

All your emails will be minimized one by one, and when you tap on the mails sat at the bottom of your iPhone screen, all mails will be neatly arranged in a flip menu, and you can tap on any mail to further draft the mail.