How to Merge Duplicate iPhone Contacts

Time to clean up the mess! Follow this hands-on guide to merge duplicate contacts from your iOS device so that the address book looks organized. Fortunately, you have multiple options to explore and pick a more capable option to keep nuisance at bay.

Managing hundreds of contacts manually can be time-consuming and extremely tedious. However, thanks to an efficient contact manager for taking control of the address book to let you merge/remove duplicate contacts from iPhone.

Having tested various viable contenders, we have zeroed in on Cleanup Duplicate Contacts as it’s quite easy to use. Though it’s available for free, you will have to spend $1.99 for merging your contacts. The app shows you all duplicate contacts before asking for any money. If you are happy with the result, the money they ask is worth it.

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We have tested this app on different iPhones and based on that, below is the tutorial to help you merge duplicate contacts quickly on your iPhone. So let’s jump over to the guide.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone and iPad

Having tested various able contenders, we have zeroed in on Cleanup Duplicate Contacts as it’s quite easy to use. Though it’s available for free, you will have to spend $1.99 for merging your contacts.

Step #1. First up, download Cleanup Duplicate Contacts on your iOS device. The app is available for free and requires iOS 10 or later.

Step #2. Once you have successfully installed the app on your device, launch it.

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Next, tap on Analyze and allow it to have access to your Contacts.

Analyze Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Step #3. Once the app has analyzed your address book, it will show you the total number of contacts and how many duplicate contacts you have. Tap on Review Duplicates.

Review Duplicate iPhone Contacts

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Step #4. Next up, tap on Merge at the top right corner. You would be asked to upgrade the app, do it as usual.

Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Step #5. After the payment is processed successfully, the app will automatically merge all the contacts that you may have selected.

Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

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To be double sure, you can tap Re-Analyze to see if there are any leftover duplicate contacts; most likely you’ll find none.

Re-analyze Duplicate iPhone Contacts

That’s it! You have successfully merged duplicate contacts on iPhone and removed the mess. By the way, we have also made a roundup of the top contact managers for iOS. If you want to explore options, give it a look.

There are quite a few tools that let you manage your iOS device with more convenience. And the one we have found highly appreciable is DearMob. What makes it so functional is the ability to let you manage your iOS device files with the desired flexibility. Use it to handle photos, videos, music, and even contacts as smoothly as you want. To know more about it, head over here.

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How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Mac

If you have a Mac synced with the same iCloud account, you can remove the duplicate iPhone contacts with ease. Unlike its iOS counterpart, macOS Contacts app offers a much better option to keep the address book organized and clutter-free. To give this method a try, head over to this post:

Video: Delete or Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Over to you

I would like to see a built-in feature for managing duplicate contacts in iOS 13. To me, it would be a worthy addition to the address book. And I guess I’m not alone to be asking for it.

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