How to Merge All Safari Windows in One on Mac

No longer want to jump from one Safari window to the other? Merge all Safari windows in one on your Mac so that you have to travel a little less from one end to the other!

Many a time I find myself dealing with multiple things simultaneously. For instance, while extensive web browsing in one Safari window keeps running in the top-gear, fun-loving social media bantering in the other never lets the boredom creep in. But once I’m done with hopping from one activity to the other, I merge the separate Safari windows in one on my Mac so that I can put a bit more focus on the important task at hand.

Frankly speaking; it hardly takes a couple of clicks to merge all the opened windows in Safari on macOS. Though it’s quite straightforward, I thought it would be worth a mention. Let me show you how to put this little but handy feature into effect!

How to Combine All Safari Windows in One on Mac

Step #1. Assuming you have already opened multiple windows in Safari on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on the Window tab at the top.

Click on Window Tab in Safari on Mac

Step #3. Finally, choose the Merge All Windows option.

Merge All Safari Windows on Mac

Voila! Check out; all the windows have been combined into one. Now, everything is under one umbrella so you won’t have to put much effort to go back and forth.

Getting it done through a keyboard shortcut can be even easier. However, you need to first create a custom keyboard shortcut for it. Let’s check it out!

Merge All Safari Windows on Mac Using Keyboard Shortcut

Step #1. Click on Apple Logo and Select System Preferences.

Open System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on Keyboard.

Click on Keyboard in Mac System Preferences

Step #3. Click on Shortcuts tab → Click on App Shortcuts.

Click on Shortcuts then App Shortcuts on Mac

Step #4. Click on + (Plus) button.

Click on Plus Button to Add Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

Step #5. Now you need to pay some attention. Select from the Drop-down → In the Menu Title, Type exact Menu Command Name (as shown in Safari Navigation Menu); in this case, it would be “Merge All Windows” → Finally enter the desired key combination. i.e. Shift+Command+C

Merge All Safari Windows with Keyboard

Now that you’ve created the shortcut; whenever you want to combine all the opened Safari windows, use it to breeze through in a jiffy! Wish to create more such handy keyboard shortcuts on your Mac? Head over to this quick guide.

That’s it!

Any question?

I guess you have finally got a good grip over this hack. Never fail to try it out whenever needed. It would definitely come in handy.

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