Mark All Twitter Direct Messages As Read on iPhone at Once [How-to]

Twitter lets mark all direct messages as "Read" on iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below. Remember, you don’t need to Jailbreak your device for this.

Twitter is becoming a popular social media channel to communicate. From a humble beginning as a microblog, Twitter is now included in the marketing mix by MARCOM professionals worldwide.

Apart from its corporate use to reach out to potential consumers, Twitter is also seen as a good platform for like-minded people to share and retweet viral messages.

How to Mark All Twitter Messages As Read on iPhone

A step further, Twitter offers its users to send direct messages. Just like you send a message on a WhatsApp, Gtalk or Facebook, you can send a direct message to your friends on Twitter. This, however, piles up so many messages that it is difficult to read each and every message.

If you are pissed off by the very sight of so many unread messages on your Twitter handle, you can mark all your Twitter messages as “Read” on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Mark All Direct Messages as Read in Twitter on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Twitter app on your iPhone.

If you are not logged in, please log in with your ID and Password.

At the bottom of your iPhone screen, you can see a menu with four options: Home, Notifications, Messages & Me (Profile).

Step #2. Tap on Messages.

You will see a number of messages on your iPhone’s screen. Messages that are not read by you will be seen in somewhat grey background. On the upper left corner, you can see a tick mark with two horizontal lines.

Step #3. Tap on that tick mark.

Tap on Messages in Twitter iPhone App

Step #4. A menu will swipe up from the bottom of screen with an option to Mark all as read.

Step #5. Tap on Mark all as read.

Mark All Messages as Read in Twitter App on iPhone

You can now see that the grey background will disappear from the unread messages.

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