How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings from iPhone or Android

Managing Alexa voice purchasing settings from iPhone or Android is quite simple. And if you like placing orders with your voice command, you’d want to ensure the process has the needed protection or perfectly managed. Read on to find out how it works:

Apart from promptly answering your various queries, Alexa can also let you quickly place orders on Amazon with just a voice command. When you register your Alexa device, the voice purchasing is enabled by default. However, you can easily manage your voice purchasing settings in the Alexa app from your iPhone or Android device.

Worried that someone might use your smart speaker to place orders? There is also an option to set a voice code to prevent anyone from ordering things. More after the break…

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How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings on iPhone or Android

How to Manage Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings on iPhone or Android

Step #1. Open Alexa app on your device and tap the menu button.

Tap on Menu Button in Alexa App on iPhone or Android Phone

Step #2. Now, tap on Settings.

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Tap on Settings in Alexa App on iPhone or Android Device

Step #3. Next, select Voice Purchasing.

Tap on Voice Purchasing in Alexa App on iPhone or Android Phone

Next up, manage voice purchasing as desired:

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Turn On/OFF Alexa Voice Purchasing

Purchase by voice: Turn on the switch next to it to place orders using voice command. If you no longer want to use voice purchasing, turn it off.

Note: Tap on View payment settings to view and manage payment method required for voice purchasing.

Enable/Disable Voice Code for Alexa Voice Purchasing

After you have set up voice code, Alexa will ask you to say a 4-digit confirmation code before completing purchases. Be sure to set up a code that you do not use for other accounts and services.

  • Simply turn on the Voice Code
  • Then, you need to enter a 4-digit code on-screen.
  • Then, tap on Save Changes to confirm.

(If you ever want to disable voice code, simply follow the above steps and turn it off.)

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Once you have set up a voice profile, the first time you or other users in your home try to place an order, the personal assistant will need the voice code to proceed. Then after, you will not need to say the code to complete purchases.

To ideally manage this setting, you can use the toggle next to Allow recognized speakers to purchase without the voice code after providing it just once:

  • If this toggle is ON, recognized speakers in your home will need to say the voice code once.
  • If you turn it off, the recognized speakers in your home will have to say the voice code to complete all Alexa purchases.
  • If you wish the personal assistant to ask for the voice code whenever you or other users in your home try to make a purchase on shared devices, turn it off.

That’s done!

Wrap up:

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2018 is expected to be a monumental leap for smart home speakers. With Apple’s much-awaited HomePod is just about to be launched, the competition is going to get only tougher. As a user, I’ll relish it a lot as there will be multiple top-notch options. What’s your take on Apple’s smart speaker and which is your favorite virtual assistant?

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