Sometime in April, Yahoo! launched its Weather app – a thing of minimalist beauty that actually put things in perspective at Yahoo! after Mayer took over as the CEO of the ailing company.

Apple’s default weather app – which collects data from Yahoo by the way – is boring. It’s all good but it’s been like that for several years now. Understandably, there are going to be changes to the Weather app too in iOS 7 but as far as the present moment is concerned it’s not something cool.

Yahoo! Weather, on the other hand, is a stunning piece of minimalism with kirks and little features that make it an amazing experience.

If you love the Yahoo Weather app and if you keep using that, the trick question is: how to make that the default?

YahooWeatherIsBetter Cydia Tweak

Of course it’s a trick question: the answer always is Cydia. Just like how we had BrowserChooser for making Chrome the default browser, there’s a cool new Cydia tweak called YahooWeatherIsBetter which makes Yahoo! Weather the default. So next time you tap on a weather readout anywhere (or from the Notification Center), Yahoo’s weather app will open up.

It’s a shame Apple hasn’t yet opened the iOS framework to let users customize default apps. This is one of those areas where Apple can really and totally allow user freedom. It’s hoped that this would be one of the areas Apple opens up its iOS (Tim Cook did mention that they’re going to open up iOS 7 to an extent).

There aren’t many things to configure. You can enable the tweak from Settings → YahooWeatherIsBetter and you can reroute the stock bulletin and icon to Yahoo! Weather. Siri support isn’t (yet) available so Siri will open Apple’s stock Weather app when you ask her about the weather.

YahooWeatherIsBetter is on the BigBoss and is a free tweak.