We’ve written about changing the color/transparency of the dock’s background on your iPhone/iPad. But it wasn’t a complete solution. If you want to get a totally transparent dock (or other customizations), you need a tweak.

DockShift is a Cydia tweak which brings dock-background customization. You can get rid of the dock background completely to feature a transparent dock or you can choose from a pack of background types. Here’s more.

Just like iOS 6, you can’t configure the dock’s background in iOS 7 except that minor change which reduces the blurred-background-color effect. However, since iOS 7 is jailbroken, tweaks now make it possible to remove the background, or to have a customized background for the dock.

How to Make the Dock Transparent in iOS 7

DockShift is by far the best tweak so far to do this. You have these options to pick from:

  • Transparent
  • Milk Glass (6 options)
  • Dark Milk Glass (2 options)
  • Blurred (3 options)

The transparent, as the name suggests, removes any background from the dock. The icons don’t stand out in a pronounced way but the look is good because the background is visible in full glory. You can tinker with all the 12 options to find out which suits you best.

If, for some reason, DockShift is not working as intended, there is one more tweak that removes the dock’s background: TransparentDock.

TransparentDock does just that: removes the dock’s background. There are no customizations. The only downside is that it works via Winterboard which is always a lengthier route if you ask me. The tweak will be activated via Winterboard which means you’ll need to respring every time you toggle it.

The good news is both the tweaks are free.

DockShift can be found in BigBoss. TransparentDock is available in ModMyi repo.

None of the tweaks work with iPhone 5s or iPad Air as they need to be recompiled for A7 along with Mobile Substrate.

  • Daulidas

    Work perfectly on 7.1.2

  • Ben

    Doesn’t work on 7.1.1 on the iPad Air

  • Jamie Blatt

    Doesn’t seem to work for me…. 7.1 beta 2
    iPhone 5

  • Stratis

    Dockshift is working on my 4S. Does anyone know if there is a way to do the same to the folders, so that there is no grey background around the tiny icons?

    • While there’s no tweak yet to remove background from the folder icon
      itself, you can try ClearFolders to remove the large grey bg when you
      open a folder.

  • Sohil Sakaria

    dockshift and transparentdock both not working on 4s..

    • Try reinstalling mobile substrate and substrate safe mode and then try reinstalling dockshift install only one tweak at a time. Don’t install transparentdock if you have dockshift installed.