Apple’s Voice Assistant also called as Siri is a great feature and obedient assistant who religiously fulfills your commands. Perhaps this one is humbler than Jinni from Arabian Nights.

Apart from some normal commands like “set alarm” and “call the person”, Siri has got amazing ability to fetch your photos in your iOS 9 device. Floored, right? Even I was surprised on this feature as Siri can use her intelligence to search pictures smartly.

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How to View Photos on iPhone Using Siri

How to View iPhone Photos Using Siri

So if I want to search photos from my last vacation, I just asked Siri in my iOS 9 device: Siri, show me photos from Mumbai.

And bingo! Siri quickly showed me photos from my vacation. Next, I tried to check if Siri could search more in my iPhone, and therefore, I requested Siri to bring photos from Mumbai last week.

No sooner did I stop speaking than Siri fetched all the photos from my last week’s trip. Now I was convinced that Siri can be useful in more than one ways. Just keep exploring this wonderful voice assistant on your iOS device enabled by iOS 9.

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For click-happy users, Siri can be more helpful as you can ask her to find photos from specific period. For example, if you want to see pictures from November of last year, i.e. 2014, ask Siri: “Show me photos from November of 2014”. This will show you all your photos you had taken during last November.

Siri can also follow you commands when you ask her to find photos taken in a particular place; for instance, you want to see your photos you had taken during your last New York trip, ask Siri: Show me photos from New York. Following this, Siri will load all your photos you captured during a meeting you attended in New York.

Keep changing your search terms to let Siri squeeze her nerves; use terms like “Nearby”, “One Year Ago”, “Favorites”, and “Home”. Since iOS 9 provides you with a facility to store your selfies in a separate folder, you can ask Siri to fetch your selfies.

Finally, make sure that whenever you ask Siri to search photo, use “My” in your search term as Siri tends to search the web if she doesn’t find any related item in your Photo app.

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