How to Make & Set Facebook Profile Video on your iPhone

A new profile video is a way to receive hundreds of likes from your friends and family. Create your profile video by following some easy steps, and set the video on your profile page.

One of the primary reasons of Facebook’s ever growing popularity is its ability to adapt to changing trends. Youth want to share things; they want to share stories, jokes, and memories; when it comes to memories, photos and videos rule the roost.

Profile picture is something that current generation doesn’t want to compromise on. They carefully choose from perhaps hundreds of pictures to set one as their profile picture.

How to Create and Set Facebook Profile Video on iPhone

A step further, Facebook now offers the feature of profile video. This feature actually helps you to be recognized easily by those who are searching you on Facebook. You can make and set your Facebook profile video on your iPhone.

How to Create and Set Facebook Profile Video on iPhone

Step #1. Tap on Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the More option from the bottom menu.

Step #3. Now tap on your profile name.

You can see your profile image in the centre of your iPhone’s screen. If profile videos available in your account, you can see the camera icon at the bottom right corner of your profile image.

Step #4. Tap on your profile image.

A menu will appear with four options: Take a New Profile Video, Upload Video or Photo, Select Photo on Facebook and View Profile Picture.

Step #5. Tap on “Take a New Profile Video.”

If you have already saved a video, tap on “Upload Video or Photo”.

Since this feature has been introduced recently in September 2015, there might be a few takers, and therefore, we will go ahead with the first option: Take a New Profile Video.

A message will appear on your phone screen: “Facebook” Would Like to Access the Camera.

Step #6. Tap on OK.

Step #7. Take a nice video of yourself.

Note that you can record a 7-second video.

Step #8. After taking your video, tap on Next.

Now, you will be asked to select a Thumbnail from the video. You can use the slider to choose the exact gesture in the video to use as thumbnail; this will appear when your profile video is unavailable.

When you reach a spot in the video you like to use as your thumbnail image, leave the square there and tap on Save. That selected thumbnail image will appear in Facebook’s news feed. Your Facebook friends can view your profile video when they visit your profile page either on mobile or desktop versions of Facebook.

Enjoy watching your profile video by tapping on your profile icon.

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