How To Make A Photo Book Using Photos App on Mac

How To Create Photo Book Using Photos App on Mac

Want to present your loved ones a sweet gift this holiday season? It would be great to make a photo book in Photos app on Mac.

Photos app for macOS allows you to create awesome photo books using your memorable pics. You can choose photos from a special vacation, parties or events and transform them into a wonderful keepsake. What’s icing on the cake is the availability of a great many tools to let you design your book to your heart’s liking. So, what’s stopping you man?

How To Create A Photo Book In Photos App On Mac

How To Make A Photo Book In Photos App On Mac

To create a photo book, you must choose minimum 20 photos. The price of any book depends on the book style and the number of pages. Better still, you have the option to add more photos, change the theme, add/remove pages later to ensure you don’t fail to create a great book.

Step #1. Open Photos app on your Mac and then you need to choose at least 20 pictures from your Photo library.

Step #2. Now, you have to click on the Add (+) button in the sidebar next to My Projects.

Click on Plus Sign Under Projects in Mac Photos App

Step #3. Then, click on Book.

Click on Book Under My Projects in Photos App on Mac

Step #4. Now, you need to choose a book style from the square, classic, or soft cover.

Choose Book Format in Mac Photos App

Step #5. Then, select a suitable book theme.

Select Theme for Photo Book on Mac

Step #6. Next up, click on Create Book.

Create Photo Book Using Photos App on Mac

The photos will appear on each page. Up next, you can fine-tune pages to your best liking.

How to Edit A Photo Book Page in Photos App on Mac

Step #1. As the project is open, simply double-click on a page to choose it and then click on an image. Then drag your cursor to the left or right to reposition it perfectly.

Adjust Photo for Photo Book on Mac

Step #2. Now, click Options to edit the template.

Click on Options in Photos App on Mac

Step #3. Check out the option to change the layout of the page, add more photos to a page, or remove photos from a page. There are several template options; so choose the one that ideally fits your imagination.

Photo Edit Options in Mac Photos App

If you want to add your own title, click on the text box.

Add Text in Photos for Photo Book on Mac

You can double-click a photo to edit it. Then, add filters, zoom, crop, and adjust the image using editing tools.

Edit Photo for Photo Book on Mac

Change The Book Theme Or Format of the Photo Book Page

Click on the change settings button at the right corner of the Photos window and select Change Theme. It will remove all text and change the order of some photos. There is also an option to change the book format and size. To do so, just click the change settings button and choose Change format and size.

Change Album Theme in Photos App on Mac

Check out the option to include page numbers and remove the Apple logo. Additionally, you also have the option to increase the number of pages. To do so, simply drag the page slider bar to the right.

Add Pictures to Photo Book Page

Forgot to include some images in your photo book? No problem. You can add them even now. With your project open, click on add Photo at the bottom right corner of the Photos app window.

Add More Photos to Album in Mac Photos App

You should see the groups of photos depending on the albums you had selected pictures from. It will help you quickly add pics from the particular album. But if you want to add some other pics, just scroll down and select photos from other albums.

Once you have selected photos, click Add at the upper right corner.

Add Photos for Photos Album in Mac Photos App

The pics you have just added will appear in a tray at the bottom of your screen.

You can drag a photo to a page to add it to the book. Alternately, simply click the auto-fill button to automatically add new images in the book.

Auto Fill Photos in Mac Photos App

Add or Remove Pages From Photo Book Page

You get the option to add or remove pages while editing. So, if you wish to increase the pages to include some more images or remove some of the unwanted ones, you can get it done without any hassle.

To remove pages, simply select any page and click the add/remove page button at the top right corner of the Photos window and then click remove page.

To add new pages, click the add/remove page button and select add page.

Add-Remove Pages in Photo Book on Mac

How to Order a Photo Book in Photos App on Mac

Once you have designed your book just the way you want, you can order it.

Step #1. Click Buy Book and then enter a shipping address.

Buy Photo Book on Mac

Just in case you are sending it to the person who is in your contact, search for the name. When his/her address appears, select it.

Step #2. Now, click Place Order and then enter your Apple ID and password.

Now, your project will be uploaded to Apple’s servers. Once it’s done, you will get a notification and an email as confirmation.

That’s pretty much it.

All the Very Best!

You can follow these same steps to create more photo books to enliven the memory behind each photo. Have any feedback to share with us? Feel free to shoot it in the comments below.

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