How to Have The Time Announced At Specified Intervals on Mac

Many a time we get so lost into work that we forget to keep track of time. And therefore, we often miss out some of the things that were needed to be done.

To help users manage time and also remain at pace with it, macOS comes with a handy feature that can make the Mac announce time at specified intervals. Just in case you want a virtual assistant to inform you about every big move of the clock, this little-known feature can come in very useful.

Depending on how you wish to keep a firm grip on your time, set your device to inform you every time the clock completes an hour, half or even a quarter. It can play a vital role in assisting you to stay in sync with your tight schedule. Let me show you how you can enable time announcement on your Mac!

How to Turn ON Time Announcement on macOS

Step #1. First off, click on the date and time menu at the top right of the screen and choose Open Date & Time Preferences.

Open Date & Time Preferences on Mac

Or you can fire up the System Preferences app and choose Date & Time.

Click on Date & Time Under Mac System Preferences

Step #2. Now, ensure that the Clock tab is selected. And then check the box to the left of Announce the Time to enable it.

Turn ON Time Announcement to Make the Mac announce time at specified intervals

Sticky note: If you need to authenticate, click on Lock icon and enter your user ID and password to make changes.

Step #3. Click on the drop-down menu next to On the Hour and choose from multiple options like On the half hour and On the quarter hour.

Choose the Mac Announce Time

Step #4. There is also an option to fine-tune voice. To do so, click on Customize Voice.

Click on Customize Voice in Mac Date & Time Settings

Step #5. Now, you have three main options:

  • Voice: Click on the drop-down menu and choose the preferred voice as per your country. (By default, it will be set based on your country.)

Choose the preferred Mac Announce voice

  • Use Custom Rate: You have three options to choose from: Slow, Normal, and Fast.

Use Custom Rate to Adjust Announce Speed on Mac

  • Use Custom Volume: Simply drag the volume slider to adjust the volume.

Adjust the Volume of Announce Voice on Mac

Once you have perfectly customized everything, click on Play to test it. In the end, click on OK to confirm.

Click on OK to Have The Time Announced At Specified Intervals on Mac

Now, quit System Preferences. Going forward, your Mac will announce time every time the clock reaches the set target.

Later, if you want to turn off the time announcement on your macOS device, simply go back to the same settings (steps mentioned above) and then uncheck the box to the left of Announce the Time to disable it.

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping Up…

Recently, we shared an equally user-friendly tip that allows users to schedule the Mac to automatically start up, shut down, restart and even sleep. Apart from saving power, it can be useful in many ways. So, do check it out.

As for the hack mentioned above, I’d like to have your feedback about it and whether or not you find it helpful.

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