How to Make iPhone Notification Center Organized, Productive & Clutter-free

The notification center in the iPhone is one of the productivity powerhouses. We don’t usually realize this but it’s a huge step forward for iOS (especially because Android was already using notification center well). Information management couldn’t be better and it became ridiculously easy to manage things from the Notification Center without those annoying alerts that were a huge usability issue.

But pretty soon there was this problem with Notification Center becoming a clutter-region. In fact, if you’ve got Mail, Reminders, Calendars, Whatsapp/iMessage, Facebook and Twitter showing up on your Notification Center, you’re going to be bothered a lot. It’s one thing having to manage information about alerts from apps on the NC but it’s another having to deal with a lot of clutter out there.

Surely there must be a way? Oh yeah there is.

How to Organize iPhone Notification Center

Here are some tips that can help you keep the notification center somewhat clean, clutter-free and productive.

1). Keep Only the Important Ones

Make iPhone Notification Center Clutter-free

First off, if Twitter notifications don’t matter, disable that from the Notification Center. You’ll still get an alert, you’ll still get Twitter notifs on the Lockscreen, you’ll still be pinged when someone mentions you on Twitter but it won’t clutter up the Notification Center.

The same applies to every other app that isn’t vital. For apps that you routinely check into, you don’t really need to have Notification Center turned on.

2). Prioritize

How to Make iPhone Notification Center Productive

Prioritize your apps according to how important their notifications are. For instance, Reminders, Phone and Messages are important for me. Followed by Whatsapp. You might need to figure this out: if all apps throw notifications and show up on the NC, what would you prefer to be on top? A missed phone call? An iMessage? A reminder?

Prioritize and get them on order by sorting them in Settings → Notifications → Edit

3). Reduce the Number of Recent Items

How to Make iPhone Notification Center Organized

This is a bummer. By default, there are 5 recent items shown per app that shows notifications in the NC. You can tweak this value to 1 or 10. In many cases, you just need 1 notification: you are anyway going to check that out and in that process, you are going to check other notifications from that app too. So instead of having the app show 5/10 items and cluttering up the space, you can have it show just one.

Of course in cases like Reminders or Calendar, you might want more so setting it to 5 makes sense. For the others, save space, have just 1 recent item shown.

4). Clear Notifications When Possible

The simple act of clearing notifications can turn out to be so relieving actually. If you’ve got a ton of Facebook, Whatsapp, Calendar and Mail notifs, and if it bothers you, just remove them. There are badges that will still keep you informed that you’ve got something to check.

These are simple little things you can do to keep your Notification Center clutter-free and be more productive. Got more tips? Do share them with the world (comment on this post!).