How to Make Group FaceTime Calls in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Starting group FaceTime calls in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad is a breeze. With the app allowing up to 32 participants at once, your long conversation with your friends and loves will be an absolute treat. Jump over to get going!

After a long wait group calling has finally been added to FaceTime. Even better, iOS 12 allows you to make a group FaceTime call from your iPhone or iPad with up to 32 people at a time. So, the next time you wish to kickstart an endless debate with your friends, pick out the stock video calling app to relish gung-ho conversation.

Personally, I had expected the group calling to arrive in Apple’s video calling app. But I didn’t think that it would allow users to go on air with so many people at once. Anyway, better late than never!

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Update, January 14, 2018: Apple has removed Group FaceTime call both from iOS 12 beta 7 and macOS Mojave beta 7. As per reports, this group calling feature has been delayed and is likely to be introduced in the future updates of the operating systems. What could be a disappointment for many fans, it may not be ready during the official release next month.

How to Start a Group FaceTime Call on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch FaceTime on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on “+” button at the top right corner. Then, you need to enter the name or number of the person you wish to call.

You can now add up to 30 additional contacts. So, don’t fail to include the ones with whom you always enjoy having a long conversation.

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Step #3. Finally, tap on Video or Audio to start a call.

Make FaceTime Group Call on iPhone

Once you are done, tap on the red “X” button to finish the call as usual.

End FaceTime Group Call on iPhone

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You will be able to make a FaceTime call from Messages app as well. It’s just as simple.

How to Start a Group FaceTime Call using Messages on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iOS device and then select a group conversation.

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on the group name at the top center.

Step #3. Next, tap on FaceTime icon.

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Make a Group FaceTime Call from iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Join Group FaceTime Calls

The participants of the group can take part in the call with ease.

To do so, simply tap on a group conversation with the on-going FaceTime call. Then, tap on the Tap to Join.

Join Group FaceTime Call on iPhone or iPad

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That’s all folks!

Over to You

Though FaceTime had always been one of my favorite video calling apps, I hadn’t been using it much due to the lack of group calling functionality. Now, that it’s been added to it, I’m going to return to it more often than not.

What’s your take on the improvement that has arrived for the stock video calling app for iOS? Do toss up your thoughts in the comments below.

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