Update: Facebook updated its Messenger app to allow free calls in the UK. You can now make free calls to your friends in the UK/US/Canada via the Messenger app. You don’t even need to update the app.”

Facebook updated its app to bring the free call feature to its native app. You all know that Facebook’s Messenger app lets you make free calls within US & Canada. That same functionality is now available with the default Facebook app.

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How to Make Free Calls with the updated Facebook App

How to Make Free Calls with the Facebook iPhone App

The update has been pushed so if you are in the US or Canada, you should update right away to enjoy free calling. Of course, the call works like a FaceTime call: it uses up your data plan (or Wi-fi). But the coolest thing is you no longer have to rely on Messenger to make the free calls.

Making free calls is easy.  Let’s Jump on How to Make Calls using the Facebook App

Step #1. Open the Facebook app.

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Step #2. Open the profile of the person you want to call.

Step #3. Tap on the “i” on top-right of the screen.

Step #4. Tap on “Free Call” and you’re done!

Ever since Facebook gave up its HTML app to favor a native app built from scratch, users have been largely happy. The app is fast – sometimes, it’s kickass – and there are usually no crashing issues.

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The app also brings a ton of new features like voice messaging, built-in emoticons, a better way to capture video and send it across.

There are several apps to make free calls via your data plan like the legendary Skype and Vtok. But I think opening up the free calling facility in the default Facebook app will enable a better communication.

A lot of people use mobile Facebook and this feature means you won’t have to get away from the app to make calls. Besides, you can save a lot of minutes!

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The feature is available only for US and Canada. And like it’s said all the time, the free calls use up your data so be sure you’re within your budget.