How to Make a FaceTime Call from iPhone [Beginner Tip]

FaceTime is one of the coolest calling features on iPhone; it has been introduced by Apple on its iPhone in 2010, when the brand launched iPhone 4. It’s a built-in feature in the phone app on iOS devices.

What makes FaceTime more amazing tool is that now you can use it with your mobile data; earlier, the feature was just compatible with Wi-Fi internet. However, make sure that you have enough data on your iPhone. If you are using limited data, keep an eye on your watch while using FaceTime.

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How to Make FaceTime Call on iPhone and iPad

Apart from using FaceTime, you can switch from a regular call to a FaceTime call. So we will also deal with that here. But first, let’s get into FaceTime call on your iPhone.

How to Make FaceTime Call on iPhone

Step #1. Tap on Phone app on your iPhone.

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Open Phone App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Contacts at the bottom.

Step #3. Choose a contact you want to make a FaceTime call (remember that you can only make a FaceTime call to a person who owns iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac with facility to receive FaceTime calls).

Choose iPhone Contact in Phone App

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Step #4. Now tap on the option of FaceTime right below the mobile number of your contact.

Tap on FaceTime Icon in iPhone Contact App

Your FaceTime call will start; when the person on other end receives your call, you can see his/her face on your mobile screen. Note that your phone number and/or email will be shared with people you call.

There is another way to use FaceTime call on your iPhone.

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Step #1. Launch FaceTime app on your iPhone.

Open Facetime App on iPhone

You can see two options on top: Video and Audio; choose one of the options.

Video and Audio FaceTime Call Options in iPhone

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Below the two options, there is a search bar, where you can enter a name, email or number of your contacts. You can also select the contact by tapping on Plus (+) symbol on the top right corner.

Facetime Contact Search on iPhone

Step #2. Once you choose the contact, tap on the same.

Step #3. Now make the FaceTime call by tapping on FaceTime option in the contact card.

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Remember, FaceTime calls are possible only when your FaceTime option is toggled ON in Settings → FaceTime.

FaceTime Settings on iPhoneEnable Facetime on iPhone

How to Switch from a Regular Call to FaceTime on your iPhone

During your conversation on iPhone, if you want to switch to a FaceTime call, you can do this by following an easy method.

Step #1. In the middle of the call, check your call menu.

Step #2. You can see a FaceTime option among others.

Step #3. Tap on the FaceTime option while you are on a call.

If you are on the receiving end and want to switch to FaceTime call, a FaceTime request will be sent to the one who has initiated the call. And if you have initiated the call and tap on FaceTime option during the call, the receiver will get a FaceTime request sent by you.

Step #4. Tap on the green circle above “End & Accept” option and you can continue talking on FaceTime.

Moreover, if you face any trouble using FaceTime, you can fix the issue by following this information. Also, you can save your FaceTime call by recording your conversation using your Mac. Now, start using FaceTime calls and enjoy the talks.

Jignesh Padhiyar
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