How to Make Cheaper-than-cellular Calls on iOS 7 [iPhone to iPhone]

A little feature that has been most-talked about in the iOS world also serves as a great way to cut back on call charges while getting better-than-normal call quality. Picking up crumbs of reports from elsewhere, we wanted to see how far this is true.

Apple made FaceTime available for audio-only calls too in iOS 7 and that makes a lot of difference for iPhone users making calls to other iPhone/iDevice users. FaceTime Audio not only works to connect people over audio but does two other things that have missed the limelight so far.

Save Talk-time, Minutes and Money
FaceTime Audio is a great way to actually save your cellular usage because FaceTime makes use of the data network. In case of Wi-fi, FaceTime Audio will take up next to nothing of your cellular plan thus saving you a lot of minutes (and money). Even when you are running a data network (say, LTE), you can make FaceTime Audio calls thanks to Apple making it possible since iOS 7.

To enable FaceTime audio, you can do this:

  • When you are on a call, tap on the FaceTime Audio icon. (this is shown only when your contact has FaceTime enabled)
  • If you want to make a FaceTime Audio call, all you do is tap on the contact’s name to view the info and from within it, tap on Facetime ‘phone’ icon.

Make Cheaper-than-cellular Calls on iOS 7 [iPhone to iPhone]

Exceptional Call Quality/Clarity
There’s another advantage too. With calls streaming via high-speed Wi-fi/broadband, your call quality is going to be several times better than what you usually get. While this might not have a large impact in urban areas with high-density coverage, this sure impacts sub-urban and rural areas where you get exceptional Wi-fi and the cellular coverage sucks.

Gottabemobile claims that the FaceTime Audio feature makes calls sound 100 times better (although the stat looks more like an attention-grabber). Whatever the headline is, it stands true as we figured out that FaceTime Audio does make the call sound pristinely clear.

There’s one big limitation though: you can only make FaceTime Audio calls to other iPhone users who are also connected to a network. Except this, audio calls over Facetime are way better than cellular calls.

FaceTime audio is available for iOS 7 devices.