Tips to Make the Best Use of the Redesigned Calendar App in iOS 7

If iOS 7’s redesign looks blatantly different in any one of the apps, the top spot should go to the Calendar app. Gone are all the intricate details and in comes a very flat and a very trendy redesign of the Calendar app both on the iPhone and the iPad.

But it’s not without many misgivings. The Calendar app has not only been redesigned but it has also been re-imagined. You now get a weekly/daily-event view instead of the default month-view. There are changes to the way events for the day are displayed.

Here are some tips to help you out with the redesigned Calendar app in iOS 7.

Switching to the Month View
To many of us, the default month view is a great way to start the calendar app. While some of you might want to head straight to the events-view, some of us still prefer the old month-view. Here’s a simple way to switch back to it.

  • Open the Calendar app
  • Tap on the name of the month on top-left. This gets you to the month-view with marked dates

Creating Events
Creating events is now far easier than ever. In fact, on the iPad, creating an event doesn’t even take you out of all the other things in the background which helps you create events while being aware of other events.

  • To create a new event, tap on the “+” sign on top-right
  • Add all event details and tap on Done

More Alerts But I Want the Old One
Apple added a whole set of new ringtones and alerts for iOS 7 but it also made sure the old ones don’t get mixed with the new set. So when you create an event, you have the option of choosing the new alert tones or the Classic (old) ones.

Old alert tones can be found in Settings → Sounds → Calendar Alerts → Classic.

Showing/Hiding Calendars
Formerly, you had to tap on the Calendar button on top-left to Edit, show or hide all calendars that you have added. However, that option has been moved to the bottom-center in iOS 7’s calendar redesign. The text is the same so you can easily recognize it. Tapping this lets you show/hide calendars.