How to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

It's nice to create and share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X. I'm sure you’d love to try out this new social media phenomenon.

Animoji has made iMessaging a great fun. The animated emoji seems to have given birth to a new social media sensation dubbed Animoji Karaoke. Want to have a go at it? Head over to make and share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X to express your feelings in an all-new way.

For those unfamiliar, Animoji is the custom animated character that picks up your facial expressions and uses your voice. Powered by iPhone X’s new TrueDepth camera system, the animated emoji lets you bring out plenty of your secret avatar in the form of robot, alien, dog, cat, monkey, pig, fox, poop, panda and more.
How to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

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How to Create and Share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X

Step #1. First and foremost, make sure you have some great music up and ready.

  • The moment you start creating Animoji, music is stopped on your iPhone X. Therefore; you must have a secondary source for your tunes. You can use your Bluetooth speaker, phone, computer or iPads to help your iPhone X capture the music while creating animoji.
  • Another important thing you need to know that you must know the words of the music in order to mouth it smartly.
  • Hit the start button for your Animoji and play button on your phone or speaker at once to let your iPhone X pick the sound. And then, you need to read through the song once or twice in style.

Step #2. Once you are ready, open Messages app on your iPhone X.

Step #3. Select a conversation and then tap on App Store button.

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Step #4. Now, you have to tap on Animoji icon in the iMessage app drawer.

Step #5. Next, you have to select your favorite Animoji you wish you to use. Currently, you have as many as 12 cool options to choose from.

Note: Make sure not to switch to full-screen mode to help you edit the video a bit easier.

Step #6. You are allowed to record only up to 10 seconds of video.

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It’s time to start your song, tap on the record button in iMessage and also kickstart the song on your other secondary source at once. Also, don’t forget to lipsync elegantly.

When you have recorded the video, hit the send button to send it to your friend.

Note: You can also use the screen recorder to capture the screen of your device while creating Animoji. To do so, just swipe down from the right horn to access Control Center, tap on the Screen Recorder button. Then swipe the CC away again. Next up, kickstart your song, start dubbing it nicely. Once you are done, click the Side button. It will stop the screen recording.

How to Edit Animoji on iPhone X

You can edit Animoji just like any video. We have compiled a long list of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Use these editing apps to overlay a clean copy of the music or add several Animoji for duets or group songs.

How to Save and Share Animoji on iPhone and iPad

You can save and share Animoji just like any other video on your iOS device. Follow this quick guide to unleash your Animoji karaoke on your favorite social networks.

That’s it!

Wrapping up:

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It’s really awesome to use Animoji on iPhone X, isn’t it? Share your feedback about it in the comments below.

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