How to Make Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, or XR

Animoji has made iMessaging great fun. The animated emoji seems to have given birth to a new social media sensation dubbed Animoji Karaoke. Want to have a go at it? Head over to make and share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR to express your feelings in an all-new way.

For those unfamiliar, Animoji is the custom animated character that picks up your facial expressions and uses your voice. Powered by the advanced TrueDepth camera system, the animated emoji lets you bring out plenty of your secret avatar in the form of robot, alien, dog, cat, monkey, pig, fox, poop, panda and more.

How to Create and Share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

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How to Create Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Step #1. First and foremost, make sure you have some great music up and ready.

  • The moment you start creating Animoji, music is stopped on your iPhone. Therefore; you must have a secondary source for your tunes. You can use your Bluetooth speaker, phone, computer or iPads to help your iPhone capture the music while creating animoji.
  • Besides, make sure you have remembered the words of the music by heart to mouth it perfectly. 
  • Hit the start button for your Animoji and play button on your phone or speaker at once to let your smartphone pick the sound. And then, you need to read through the song once or twice in style.

Step #2. Once you are ready, open Messages app on your iPhone.

Launch Messages app on iPhone X

Step #3. Select a conversation and then tap on Animoji icon in the iMessage app drawer.

Tap on Animoji icon in iMessage drawer on iPhone X

Step #4. Next, you have to select your favorite Animoji that you wish you to use.

Select your favorite Animoji Karaoke in iMessage on iPhone X

Step #5. Tap on the Record button to start mouthing the song. You are allowed to record only up to 10 seconds of video.

Tap on Record button to record Animoji karaoke on iPhone X

Step #6. Now, hit the arrow button to send the Animoji karaoke.

Tap on arrow button to send Animoji karaoke on iPhone X

Note: You can also use the screen recorder to capture the screen of your device while creating Animoji karaoke. To do so, just swipe down from the right horn to access Control Center, tap on the Screen Recorder button. Next up, kickstart your song and dub it nicely.

Once you have created the Animoji karaoke, you can save it to your Camera Roll, edit it and then share the fun piece with your friends.

How to Save, Edit and Share Animoji Karaoke on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Save Animoji Karaoke:

Step #1. Open Messages and then head over to the conversation where you had exchanged Animoji.

Step #2. Now, touch and hold the karaoke.

Touch and hold the Animoji karaoke in iMessage on iPhone X

Step #3. Next, tap on Save in the menu.

Save Animoji on iPhone X

It will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Edit Animoji Karaoke:

Step #1. To edit the saved animated emoji, launch the Photos app and open your created karaoke.

Open Animoji Karaoke in Photos app on iPhone X

Step #2. Now, tap on Edit at the top right.

Tap on Edit in Animoji on iPhone X

Step #3. Next, you can remove the unwanted portion of the video by dragging the handle. Tap on the play button to preview it.

Edit Animoji on iPhone X

Step #4. Next up, tap on Done and then hit Save as New Clip.

Tap on Done to Save as New Animoji Clip on iPhone X

Note: You can also take advantage of the best video editing apps to fine-tune your clip more proficiently. So, if you wish to enhance the quality, do take the help of the editing apps.

Share Animoji Karaoke:

You can share it just like any other video or photo from your library.

Step #1. Open the karaoke in your Photos app → tap on the Share button.

Tap on Share in Animoji on iPhone X

Step #2. In the share sheet, choose the medium through which you wish to share your creativity. Then, send it as usual.

Share Animoji on iPhone X

That’s it!

Wrapping up:

It’s really nice to use Animoji on iPhone. Whenever you think that your messaging time needs some fun element, never fail to give it a try.

With iOS 12, Apple has added “Memoji” to further enrich iMessage’s profile. Even better, you can also use this animated emojis during your FaceTime calls.

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