How to Make and Receive a Phone call from Mac


Making or receiving calls on the iPhone doesn’t sound professional when you’re in an office or in a business meeting. Or just in case, if you want to avoid using your iPhone for FaceTime calls due to any reason, you can use your Mac for the same purpose. Yes, that’s right! You can now make and receive calls from Mac without using your iPhone.

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to make and answer phone calls on your Mac. Before you get started, make sure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS system or at least above iOS 8.1 and your Mac is running on OS X Yosemite or later. Also, ensure that both the devices are logged into the same iCloud account as well.

How to Make and Receive a Call from Mac

To get started, you would need to do certain changes on your iPhone and your Mac as well. So let’s look at the overall process step by step so that you can make a phone call from your Mac with ease.

Quick Access:

Note: Make sure iPhone, Mac and any other device you want to connect should be on the same Wi-fi network.

How to Enable Call Relay on your iPhone

The call relay function is also used to make and receive phone calls on the iPad and the same feature would be used to enable call relay on your iPhone. Here’s how to do it!

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on the Phone option by scrolling down.

Open Settings and Tap on Phone on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on Calls on Other Devices and then toggle ON ‘Allow Calls on Other Devices’ option to green.

Tap on Calls on Other Devices and then toggle ON Allow Calls on Other Devices on iPhone

Step #3. Right after that, toggle the MacBook switch to ON in allow calls on section below.

Enable Call Relay on iPhone

This will now make your iPhone ready to get the calls on your Mac. But that’s not done yet as you need to do certain changes on your Mac as well.

How to Enable Call Relay on your Mac

Step #1. Launch the FaceTime app on your MacBook.

Step #2. Now tap on FaceTime option in the menu and click on Preferences.

Click on Facetime Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Next, click the box which is next to Calls from iPhone. This will enable the call relay on your Mac. If you want to disable it, uncheck the checkbox.

Click box which is next to Calls from iPhone in Mac FaceTime Preferences Settings

This will activate the call relay feature on your Mac. And now you’re all set to make a call from your Mac.

How to Make a Call from your Mac

Once the call relay function is enabled on your Mac and on your iPhone, it’s now possible to place a phone call from your Mac directly. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Launch FaceTime on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, enter the name or phone number or email and click on the Phone icon.

Enter the Number in Mac FaceTime App to Make Call

Step #3. Finally, click on FaceTime Audio to make Call from Mac.

Click on FaceTime Audio to Make a Call from MacMake a Phone call from Mac

Once done, you can now talk on a call right from your Mac without needing your iPhone.

How to Receive or Decline a Call from your Mac

Now that you know how to place a call from your MacBook, it’s time to see how to your answer or decline a call when you get a phone call on your Mac.

Step #1. When someone calls on your FaceTime, and if your Mac is connected to your iPhone using a call relay, it will pop up a notification on the top right on the screen. Click on Accept if you want to receive that particular call.

Receive a Phone Call from Mac

Step #2. In the same notification, you can click on Decline if you want to ignore the call.

Decline a Phone Call from Mac

Moreover, right beside the Decline option, there’s a drop-down arrow that makes sure of reminding you about the call in a certain time if you wish to and select the given options in the drop down.

Summing Up…

So that’s how simple it is to answer phone calls on your Mac and even decline it when you aren’t free to take the call. Let us know if you face any issues while turning on the call relay feature or while making and receiving calls on your Mac via the comment section below.

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