YouTube has a huge number of videos over different categories. Out of them, there are many videos that need to be watched over and over again, just because they are stunning in every possible way. By default, after a video is finished, YouTube moves to the next video on the playlist. But there’s a hidden feature that lets you loop videos on YouTube to play it infinite times.

As of now, the feature is limited for the desktop version of YouTube site. We have briefed down the process below to help users get acquainted with this hidden feature of YouTube, so have a look at it.

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How to Loop YouTube Video on Mac and Windows PC

How to Loop YouTube Videos on your Mac/Windows PC

Step #1. Open any browser and load desktop version of YouTube.

Step #2. Click on any YouTube video that you want to loop.

Step #3. Once the video starts playing, simply right click or two fingers click on Mac Trackpad on the video screen. You will see YouTube video options.

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Step #4. From the list of options, click on “Loop“.

Click on Loop in YouTube Video

After you have selected the option, that particular video will play infinite times until you stop it or move on to another video. This feature certainly saves a few clicks, when you are watching something really interesting and don’t want yourself to bother about repaying the video.

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