Use Ring/Silent Switch to Lock Screen Rotation in iOS 9 on iPhone [How-to]

Update: While there are some cheerful moments for iOS users post second update on beta version of iOS 9, there are a few disappointments also. With the second run of iOS 9 beta, users were all excited to welcome the stronger battery life, which was like a blooper for Apple after the first launch of iOS 9 beta.

But during our analysis on second update, we have found that USE SIDE SWITCH TO section is missing in the General section of Settings.

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Earlier, with Lock Rotation option, users were able to lock screen rotation from the Ring/Silent switch on the left of iPhone. Now as this option is not available; Apple needs to ensure that in the final update of iOS 9, this feature is incorporated.

For an iPhone lover, who is continuously hooked to his device, he knows every new feature and updates announced in WWDC 2015. To make iPhone’s tactical experience richer, iOS 9 is bolstered with many features that might escape the attention of a pro-iPhone user.

Recently, I have spotted a cool feature that gives me ease to rotate the screen on and off from the left button, which is actually meant to keep my iPhone on silent and ring mode.

Though this feature is available in iPad earlier, for iPhone users it is a welcome change if they have enabled their iPhones with iOS 9.

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Earlier, I had to go to the control center to lock and unlock the rotate screen option. But now with this feature, I can easily do this from the left side switch.

If you also want to use this feature, here is a way to use the Ring/Silent Switch to Lock Rotation on your iPhone in iOS 9.

How to Use the Ring/Silent Switch to Lock Rotation on your iPhone in iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone → Tap on General.

Tap Settings Then General in iOS 9

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Step #2. Now tap on Lock Rotation below USE SIDE SWITCH TO.

Lock Rotation on iPhone in iOS 9 Using Silent Switch

Now you can use the ring/silent switch to lock and unlock the screen rotation feature on your iPhone.

If you want to revoke this facility, then tap on the Mute right below the Lock Rotation.

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Please note that iOS 9 is in its Beta version, and therefore, one has to explore its features continuously. If you find something worth sharable, you can always share with us. Apple would launch the final version of iOS 9 in fall 2015. As of now, there can be some bugs and issues that need to be highlighted.

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