How to put a pin on your Netflix profile via iPhone, Android, or PC in 2023

How to put a pin on your Netflix profile via mac

Netflix allows you to create multiple profiles for different people. But if you share your Netflix subscription with others and don’t want them messing with your watch history or recommendations, you better lock it with a pin. Yes, that’s possible!

Keep reading to see how to put a pin on your Netflix profile and prevent tampering with your watch history.

The only way to put a pin on your Netflix profile is via the web browser. So to start, go to your Netflix account page on your iPhone, Android device, PC, or Mac, and follow the below instructions:

How to add a pin to your Netflix profile

  1. Once on your account page, click the profile you want to lock.
  2. Click the Change button next to Profile Lock.

    click the change button of profile lock in netflix
  3. Input your Netflix password and click Continue.
    If you forgot it, this guide could help you change your Netflix password.
  4. Now, check the Require a pin to access your profile box.
  5. Enter four numbers to set them as your profile’s pin.
  6. Finally, hit Save.

    How to add a pin to your Netflix profile

That’s it! Once done, you’ll always need to enter the pin to access the locked profile moving forward.

How to remove a profile lock pin from Netflix

Removing a pin from your Netflix profile is as easy as adding one. On your Netflix account page:

  1. Go to the Netflix account page and select the profile in question.
  2. Hit Change next to Profile Lock.
  3. Enter your account password → click Continue.
  4. Uncheck the Require a pin to access your profile box.
  5. Finally, click Save.

That’s it! This will remove your Netflix profile pin.

How to lock each account with unique pins

You can lock as many profiles as you want using unique pins. This is usually a handy Netflix parental control strategy that lets you decide when your wards can access their Netflix profiles. You can lock any profile you control on Netflix following the above steps.

Recover a lost Netflix profile pin

A forgotten Netflix profile pin is easy to recover. To start, log in to Netflix via a phone, tablet, PC, or Mac:

  1. Go to the affected profile.
  2. Click Forgot PIN?

    Click Forgot PIN in netflix affected profile
  3. Next, provide your account password and click Continue.
  4. You’ll see the pin you set previously.
    Note: You can change it, paste it into your password manager app, or remove the pin.
  5. Click Save.

    Recover a lost Netflix profile pin

That’s how you lock your profile with a pin on Netflix and keep your watch history tailored to you alone. As you can see, the steps are pretty straightforward. So while there are other reasons why people lock their Netflix profiles, it all revolves around privacy.

Why did you decide to put a pin on yours? Share your story in the comments section below!

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