How to Locate Lost or Misplaced Items Using iPhone or Apple Watch

There is a smart way to easily find the lost or misplaced items using your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with the Tile app. Follow this simple guide to keep an eye on all of your stuff and comfortably locate them whenever they go missing.

Do you often misplace items like your phone, car key, wallet, glasses or other essential things and wish to keep track of them with ease? You have arrived at the right post. Meet Tile—the app that can be very handy in letting you find the lost or misplaced items using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How does Tile app work? The app uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to communicate with your items, and its maximum range is 100 ft. Using Location Services, it records the last known location of your device. What’s more, you can also ring your misplaced device to access it quickly.

How to Locate lost or Misplaced Items Using Apple Watch or iPhone with Tile App

The app works in sync with smart Bluetooth trackers developed by Tile. Simply attach or stick Tile devices to the items you wish to keep track of and use the app to ring your them when you’re within Bluetooth range.

The company offers a variety of Bluetooth trackers starting from $20. Besides, the premium version of the app is available for $2.99/monthly and $29.99/yearly.

Step #1. First off; download Tile app on your iPhone.

The app is available for free and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 10 or later. It also supports Apple Watch. Once you have successfully installed this app, launch it.

Step #2. Now, you need to sign up. You can use your Facebook account to quickly sign up.

Step #3. Next, allow the app to always access your location. To do so, go to Settings → Tile → Location → and then select Always.

Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your device as well.

Step #4. Tap on Continue. Then, allow the app to send you notifications.

Step #5. Next up, tap on the “+” button to add tile.

Step #6. Up next, select the tile type. Then, you need to click the logo to start the activation. It will begin to play a tune.

Next, simply place the tile next to your device.

You can keep the app running in the background to let it automatically record the last time and place it saw your item on a map.

The app comes with “Notify When Found” feature that immediately alerts you if anyone comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile.

Other Options:

There are quite a few other apps that let you find the misplaced stuff with ease. And the ones I have found very effective in getting the job done are Find It (Item Locator), Find My Device and TrackR.

They are very similar regarding functionality and allow you to comfortably locate your stuff.

Keep a Tab on Your Stuff Effortlessly:

That’s how you can easily keep track of your valuable items and never let them get lost. Let us know which one of these apps will you choose to find the misplaced items.

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