You've got a new iPhone, downloaded a bunch of apps and over time, your iPhone is almost close to being flooded with apps of all sorts. Now comes the hard part: you are struggling to find and launch apps.

That's one of the reasons why people look for ways to launch apps faster. While the iOS ecosystem on your iPhone/iPad doesn't give you ways to do a quick launch unless you're on a jailbroken iPhone. So how can you launch apps faster on your iPhone/iPad?

Here's a list of methods you can try. After all, everyone does want to be productive.

How to Launch Apps Faster on iPhone and iPad

Clean-up the Mess

The first thing that you can do is clean-up the mess over the weekend.

  • Delete apps that you're not using anymore.
  • Move rarely used apps to the last page. Eventually, they might also get deleted in the next clean-up session.
  • Also, if you're at this, update the apps too.

Dock First, Ask Questions Later

The Dock is iPhone's best quick launcher. iOS lets you place as many as four icons on the dock so you can drag-n-drop whatever app you use frequently to this place. Interestingly, if you run a jailbroken iPhone, you can also use tweaks like FiveIconDock  to put more icons on the dock. Actually, there are several more tweaks that let you add more dock icons.

Spotlight for the Rescue

If all that is too much of a process, you can just search for the app via Spotlight. There's a mid-level tip that can help you search and locate apps faster via Spotlight.

  • Go to Settings → General → Spotlight Search
  • Drag the slider (on right) of Applications to the top so Applications is the first thing on the list.
  • This way, whenever you search, Spotlight's results shows apps first.

Folders Are Great Too

Folders are natural way of ordering things according to their categories. Social, Games, Entertainment, News, Productivity – you can make a ton of folders out of your apps. This way, it's a tad easier to find a category and the app but it can be offset by trying to remember the category and then tapping on the app.

Folder in the Docks: Shortcut Steroid

If you did not know this already, you can add folders to the dock. So effectively, you can have at least 12 apps ready to load right from the dock. Two taps is all it takes. Folder on the dock is like a shortcut on steroids, really.

Jailbreak + Activator

But the best of all comes when you've jailbroken your iPhone. With Activator Cydia tweak, you can launch apps with gestures on your iPhone. Having used Activator extensively, I can tell you that this is the best option. All credits go to the brain behind the tweak, Ryan Petrich.

Activator can help you launch your favorite apps through swipe/pinch/multi-finger tap gestures, device shake and more.

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