How to Keep Your Mac Neat and Clean-5 Easy Tips

Check out these handy tips to keep your Mac neat and clean.

Mac is known for its attribute of requiring very less maintenance for its cleaning. It stands tall on the expectation to a certain extent but beyond that, even a Mac needs a cleaning session which prevents the junk files from hiding the important files and folders. The junk files appear on the desktop on the use of the internet on the computer, which requires an urgent spring cleaning. However, there are some messy files that have been a birth problem of all the operating systems present in the market today.

Though most of the junk files show up on the computer with the use of the internet, because of the trouble caused by these junk files to the system, it becomes very important to clean these files out of the system. We have come with a few tips that help an operating system like Mac to clean the redundant data and the junk files from the system and live in a neat and clean environment over the system.

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Top 5 ways on how to keep your Mac neat and clean

#1. Cleaning the External Drives

The first and the most important tip for cleaning the junk files from the Mac OS is to clean the external drives. It is an unwanted ability of computers to keep hidden files on the system and the external drives like USB and hard drive respectively. Though these files are not supremely harmful, it is advised to clean them.

These files don’t synchronize well with the OS and generally cause a physical disorder to the system, thus the need to remove them from the system arises increasingly.

To perform cleaning of these hidden files, the user just needs to click on “cleanmydrive” option and select whether he needs the computer to do it automatically or manually when the external drive is inserted into the system. This application is available free in the Mac computers.

#2. Deleting Unwanted Apps from Context Menu

This step is extremely important in the process of deletion of unwanted files. When a user clicks on the context menu, it’s easy to find a lot of unwanted applications present there, and they are very much capable of creating physical disorder to the computer, so the need for cleaning of such apps arises.

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For cleaning them, the user has to click on maintenance and then on rebuild, and press the execute button to start the cleaning process. This process is simple and easy.

#3. Tidy the desktop

The desktop of any system is prone to many junk files and viruses, so it needs to be cleaned session after session. A lot of pictures, files are added to the desktop before being forgotten. They can prove to be fatal to the system if it’s not taken care of. Thus, cleaning the desktop is extremely important for a Mac.

The application that helps the user to clean the desktop is “Clean”. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. At regular times, this application keeps shifting the junk files from the desktop to a particular folder from where the files can be easily removed.

#4. CleanApp

The Clean app is an incredible application available free of cost for the apple users. This application is extremely effective and works on the group intelligence strategy. It keeps the user updated about which files are junk and which files need to be deleted from the system. It guides the user through the deletion process and makes it immensely easy for the user to clean the system from junk files. Download it here.

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#5. AppCleaner

This app is the most popular of the apps used by Mac users. This app facilitates the full uninstallation of the files that cause clutter to the system. It’s the only application of its kind. The feature that stands out in this application is its drop and uninstall option. This app plays an important role in cleaning junk from the user’s system. Download it here.

These 5 processes are not supposed to be the ultimate ones to keep your Mac tidy. I am sure there are many more ways to keep your Mac neat and clean; here I have just mentioned the best 5 tips.

Let us know how you keep your Mac tidy. Do share your comment below and stay tuned with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

Debarshi is a freelance writer and almost self taught web designer. He writes for Iflexion. He is a tech enthusiast and loves spending time tweeting technology news as it breaks.
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